BIO Brow Cleanser With Rosemary For Henna Treatment

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Our BIO Brow cleaner is part of our BIO line of products, these are natural solutions used by professionals to degrease and cleanse eyelashes and eyebrows before treatments. This particular cleaner is specially for eyebrows and contains rosemary.

Why Use BIO Brow Cleaners?

The Brow and Lash BIO cleaners are truly unique in the market; they not only cleanse and degrease areas prior to treatment, but they soothe, nourish and heal clients brow and lash hairs at the same time. The brow cleaner contains over 99% natural ingredients which is a testament to Noble Lashes dedication to high quality and high performance formulas.

The Brow BIO cleaners are specifically formulated for eyebrows and brow hairs. Often time brow hairs are neglected or can be damaged during poor or unprofessional treatments, this serum can help to control that during cleansing. Not only does a clean brow make for a better base to treat. It in turn ensures that the quality of your treatment increases with your client.

Lash Cleaners With Rosemary

Rosemary has been used for thousands of years and is considered a rich source of antioxidants and an anti-inflammatory, which helps to prevent skin irritation and reduce swelling and puffiness. Rosemary has also been shown to improve hair health by increasing the growth of new hairs and stimulating scalp circulation.

Each of our formulas in the BIO range boast the highest quality ingredients, that are specifically selected to nurture your clients lashes, helping you to stand out from the rest and keep them coming back for more!

How to use:

Apply the cleaner to clean brows. Apply with micro brushes.

Made in Poland
100% vegan
100% cruelty-free
Capacity: 10ml