Whether you own a professional beauty salon or are just beginning your journey with eyelash extensions, eyepatches are definitely something you are going to want in your supply. Many amateur stylists and beauticians make the mistake of forgetting about eye pads, considering them negligible and not that useful. That is, however, a huge mistake! Using eyepatches makes the whole treatment much safer and more comfortable for the client, allowing them to relax and not worry about anything as you extend their eyelashes. What exactly are eye pads and how to use them? Let us explain their many benefits!

Do I need eyepatches?

The main reason for using eyepatches is to easily separate the bottom and top eyelashes, making it much easier to apply eyelash extensions to your clients’ eyes. You will see for yourself that the comfort they give to the stylist is irreplaceable. Moreover, they benefit your client too, as they have a positive impact on skin, especially if they have a delicate one. You will surely get the approval and gratitude of many of your clients if you decide to use eye pads. There are also many different types of eyepatches, allowing you to better choose them for your client’s complexion. Any renowned stylist that has used eye pads before knows how helpful they can be, making the process of applying eyelash extensions much more convenient and quicker. During extended treatments, clients often get restless, so limiting the time required to finish any of them quicker is always something sought for!

What types of eye pads are available?

We understand that every client has their own separate, individual needs. They also have different skin types. While some clients’ skin can easily handle a treatment without the use of eye pads, you should never risk putting your clients’ health at risk. Eye pads protect the skin underneath the eyes of your client, and due to many beneficial substances they are soaked with, actually enhance the skin. Noble Lashes tries to cater to as many clients as possible, which is why we have included four different types of eyepatches in our offer. Within our selection of premium cosmetic products, you will be able to find eye patches with aloe extract, silicone eye pads, titanium foil eye pads, collagen eye pads, hydrogel eye pads, and regular gel eyepatches.

Collagen eyepatches - give your clients the luxury they deserve

When choosing the type of eyepatches, collagen eye pads definitely deserve a mention. There are two types of collagen eyepatches - A and B. Both of them easily hold down the lower eyelashes, allowing you to easily separate them from the top ones and operate in comfort and convenience. Moreover, the patches contain retinol and vitamin E, which protect the skin and give it a beautiful, healthy glow. They will also make your client’s skin more flexible and firm. Eye pads act as a conditioner for skin, giving them an additional benefit over just holding down the bottom eyelashes. Moreover, a number of eye pads sold by Noble Lashes have been enriched with an anti-ageing agent, which prevents the formation of wrinkles on the skin! 

Hydrogel eye pads - the perfect choice for sensitive skin

If your client has overly sensitive skin, regular eyepatches can create skin irritation, even though it may contain additives preventing that. Some skin types are just that demanding! For such clients, we have introduced a professional line of hydrogel eye pads, the smoothness of which is unmatched. These eyepatches contain no cotton in them, which eliminates even the slightest possibility of skin irritation. They are also especially thin when compared with other types of patches, allowing you to work more comfortably than usual. Hydrogel eye pads also prove great if there is already some skin irritation visible around the eyes of your client, as they protect the skin from further damage and help with the healing process.

The pinnacle of comfort - gel eyepatches

When there is no need for special treatment due to the condition of your client’s skin, gel eye pads provide the most comfortable experience, both to you and the client. They feel pleasant on the skin, giving a slight, cooling effect, combined with conditioning. Moreover, Noble Lashes features special types of gel eye pads that allow you to easily calculate the required length of eyelash extensions, making the whole process faster and more convenient. It also helps achieve better results. With these eyepatches in your salon, you will be able to fully focus on precision, without having to worry about damaging your client’s skin by accident!

Are eyepatches only useful during eyelash extension treatments?

Eyepatches can be easily used during a whole range of cosmetic treatments and are not exclusive for extensions! For example, the use of cosmetic eye pads is highly recommended during eyelash lifting and lamination treatments, as it allows you to achieve better effects with less of a hassle. Even if you are not applying any additional false eyelashes to your client’s eyes and are just operating on their natural lashes, you will still need to separate the lower lashes from the top ones. We recommend giving hydrogel patches a try during lash lift treatments, as they are one of the thinnest types of patches available on the market, making the whole process extremely easy and pain-free!

How can I get better at extending eyelashes?

Beginner stylists often struggle with eyelash extension treatments, as they are not easy to accomplish without the proper tools and eyelash accessories. While some of them may seem unnecessary at first, they will allow you to achieve much better results, which in turn translates into your clients’ satisfaction. If a client leaves your salon dissatisfied, they will usually complain about the treatment to their friends and family, further spreading rumours and costing you precious reputation, which is one of the reasons why you should always pay critical attention to the quality of your treatments. To help you increase that quality, Noble Lashes offers an assortment of useful accessories and amenities, such as quick-dry eyelash adhesives, tweezers, primers, and more!

What other accessories can help me during eyelash extensions?

At Noble Lashes, you will be able to find a whole selection of premium cosmetic products that will help you promote your business and improve the results of your treatments, one of them being high-quality eyelash adhesives. You need to make sure that the adhesive you use will dry quickly when applied to the eyelashes, or otherwise, they may get moved around, destroying the desired effect. The quick-dry adhesive is best used with jade stones or crystal stones, the cold surface of which prevents it from settling before it is applied to the lashes. For further improvement, we recommend equipping yourself in an appropriate pair of tweezers, as there a couple of different types of those - some intended for 1:1 application methods, while some work better for 2D to 5D techniques.