While it is good to have products which help with the application of false eyelashes and that extend their longevity and durability, it is equally important to use a quality eyelash remover. Nobody wants to wear their false eyelashes forever, but removing them without some help can be painful and troublesome. To help with that, we have created the perfect eyelash glue remover, constructed to efficiently dissolve the glue on the lashes and allows a beautician to take off your false lashes. Noble Lashes offers removers of many types and sizes, including oil-free removers, a lash glue remover with a brush, remover creams and gel removers.

How to proceed with removing false eyelashes?

One thing that’s crucial when introducing false eyelashes into your offer is a high-quality eyelash extension glue remover. Not only can you hurt your clients when using a low-quality eyelash remover, or no remover at all, but you will also leave glue residue which will be uncomfortable and difficult to remove otherwise. Our removers are produced exclusively from premium materials, ensuring their effectiveness and safety, and making our product able to compete for the title of the best eyelash remover on the market. The removers that we sell are comfortable to use and safe, applicable both for home use and professional use. 

Can I remove my own false eyelashes if I’m not a professional?

The wisest way to remove your eyelashes is to get help from a professional. While it doesn’t take long to remove lash extensions, you should be extremely cautious about proceeding with it, as you may easily hurt your eyes. For the safest application and removal of eyelashes, always visit a certified beauty salon with professional personnel. Removing your false eyelashes at a salon is affordable and usually lasts about thirty minutes, leaving you comfortable and without eye irritation. If you’re a professional yourself and own your very own beauty salon, always remember to advise your clients not to remove their false eyelashes at home. If they still insist on doing so, as often people do not want to unnecessarily, in their opinion, spend money, at least recommend them a good quality individual lash remover and instruct them on how to properly remove their false eyelashes. 

What types of removers are there?

Noble Lashes offers three basic types of eyelash removers – liquid, gel, and cream. The most popular type of remover is a simple liquid remover, which works the fastest, but requires some skill to apply. We do not recommend liquid remover to be used by beginners, as the liquid can easily get into your eye when inappropriately applied. If the remover happens to get in your eye, make sure to wash the eye with water as quickly as possible. Eyelash liquid remover should be preferred by professionals who know what they are doing, whether at home or a salon. When treating clients, always remember to put special care into removing their false eyelashes with liquid remover.

Are there any safer alternatives?

The second type of eyelash remover is gel lash remover, which can be used with a little less stress than the liquid one. The gel remover does not flow as easily as the liquid one, but care should still be taken so it does not get into your eyes. Apply a thin layer of gel in places where you applied eyelash adhesive and wait approximately two minutes. After that, carefully remove your false eyelashes (the adhesive should dissolve at this point), and wash your eyelids afterward with an eyelash cleaner. A gel eyelash remover is a good compromise between time and safety, as it still requires only a couple of minutes and is a bit easier to apply for inexperienced stylists than the liquid eyelash remover.

Is there eyelash remover that won’t irritate my eyes?

Yes! The third type of eyelash remover we provide at Noble Lashes is the cream eyelash remover, which is the slowest of the remover types to work, but also the easiest to apply. The cream is rather thick and does not droop easily, which means it won't get into your eye as quickly as it would with liquid and gel. Moreover, you don't have to worry as much about the application itself, although you should still approach it carefully. The eyelash removal cream is the safest out of all the types of lash removal, and does not irritate your eye. Cream eyelash remover is the perfect choice when you want to proceed with removing your false eyelashes on your own, without visiting a professional. While it is still advised to do it at a quality salon or clinic, the remover cream would be the easiest way to approach it on your own. If you're a beginner stylist, you may also want to start your practice with the cream. If your clients insist on removing their eyelashes at their homes, advise them to use the remover cream to make it easier.

Other uses of eyelash remover

Eyelash remover is a very frequently used product during eyelash lifting, as it is required for the process. To lift your eyebrows, you will also need a lifting kit. You can find both the lifting kit and the remover at our store, made to cater to professional needs and ready-to-use for the beginners. The eyelash lifting treatment is an alternative to false eyelashes, which makes the most of your natural ones. With lash lifting, you won’t have to struggle with tough-to-manage eyelashes. It is a semi-permanent alternative, and you won’t need to do anything for a while with your lashes staying perfect. To perform lash lifting, though, you will need to remove the false eyelashes from your clients’, or yours, eyelids. In doing that, eyelash remover proves to be a crucial tool, which makes the process painless and comfortable. Whether you are an amateur stylist at home or a professional, always remember to use a remover before taking off false eyelashes – not using the remover is dangerous and may lead to skin damage or eye irritation.

Noble Lashes caters to everyone

Noble Lashes tries to cater to both individual and professional needs. We extend our offer to both private stylists, who want to complete their collection at homes and salon and beauty centre owners around the world. For your private makeup collection, we offer regular quantity packagings, just as you would find at a retail store – but at the best quality available! For business owners, on the other hand, we offer bulk sizes to make it easier for you to restock your salon and proceed smoothly with your stylizing business. Moreover, we provide a range of business-oriented services and products, including promotional materials and publications. The promotional materials can be used to easily acquaintance your customers with beauty products, as well as gather some insightful information on their preferences through our ready-made questionnaires. We also provide starter kits and cosmetic cases, which can help you start your journey with beauty products, and easily organize them. For individual customers, we provide all sorts of makeup accessories and beauty products, such as tweezers, cleansers, lamps, mascaras, and – of course – eyelashes.