Eyelash extensions are becoming more and more popular, as women decide to spruce up their makeup routine with gorgeous lashes. However, not every woman wants or even can undergo an eyelash extension treatment. For women who, for any reason, are looking for something else than extensions, eyelash lifting or eyelash perm might help you. While it does not attach anything to your natural lashes, it raises them and gives them a visible curl, which in turn makes them look longer and full of volume. Noble Lashes is a producer and supplier of premium lash lift products, and also offers training courses that will teach you how to proceed with the treatment, as you will need a special certificate to perform it on your clients.

What is eyelash lifting?

Eyelash lifting is a perfect solution for women who can’t wear false eyelashes or get eyelash extensions for health reasons. Moreover, if you have thin and fragile eyelashes, attaching artificial lashes to them might be uncomfortable and the result won’t be as pretty as it might have been otherwise, as the lashes can droop. A lash lift is also recommended for women with straight eyelashes who want to give them a curve. The treatment is relatively easy. It’s done using a non-invasive method with a simple wand. As your lashes are held by the wand in the desired position, a special substance is applied to your eyelashes to make them stay that way. To prolong the process further, professional stylists will also use lamination.

What is eyelash lamination?

Eyelash lamination is a treatment that’s frequently performed after eyelash perm to make the effects last longer. After your lashes have been lifted into place, a beautician will apply a conditioner with a high content of keratin. The keratin inside of the conditioner helps your eyelashes rebuild their structure, which makes them strong and thick even if your eyelashes are naturally thin and fragile. It also moisturises your lashes and brings out their natural colour, further highlighting your eyes. After eyelash lifting, eyelash lamination is the natural next step to make your eyelashes healthy and give them a glamorous appearance. At Noble Lashes, you will find professional products for both lash lift and lash lamination!

Can I get eyelash lifting?

If you’re wondering whether or not to get eyelash lifting, let us give you a couple of reasons why you should go with it. First of all, any woman can get eyelash lifting done unless there are health contraindications. It does not matter whether your lashes are long or short, curly or straight – the lash lift will make all of them look just as beautiful. Eyelash lifting, often also called eyelash perm, works with the use of a special substance that keeps your natural lashes in a fixed position, allowing you to curl them however you like. This treatment is recommended to all women who are not satisfied with the shape and look of their natural lashes, and who do not want to hide them behind synthetic lashes. Eyelash lifting also makes your natural eyelashes much healthier, as your lashes will get laminated after the treatment, which revitalises them and rebuilds their structure.

What perm and lifting products does Noble Lashes offer?

Here at Noble Lashes, we want to allow you to provide the highest quality treatments to your clients. That is why we develop our products with professional stylists in mind, catering to even the most demanding clients. Since eyelash perm and lamination are lasting treatments, they should be done with the utmost care, utilizing the best available products. Noble Lashes is a producer and supplier of high-quality beauty products, sold at a very affordable price. We want to make these treatments available to any women by reducing the price of supplies, so that beauty salons can also charge you less. As you browse our shop’s excellent selection of beauty products, you will notice plenty of premium silicone eye pads, lash lift combs, lash filler tools, and other accessories related to eyelash lifting. You will also find pre-made packs and kits, which are the perfect choice for beginner stylists, as you don’t need anything else (apart from a certificate) to treat your clients.

What products can you recommend for eyelash lifting and lamination?

Noble Lashes offers a wide variety of products dedicated to eyelash perm and eyelash lamination, which is usually done in conjunction with the prior. After a special substance is applied to the eyelashes and a wand is used to hold them into place until it settles, it is highly recommended to use a keratin conditioner to laminate the eyelashes, increasing the longevity of the treatment and giving them a healthier look. If you are a stylist and want to offer quality treatments for your clients at an affordable price, we recommend the Fall In The Volume extension pack, which contains everything you might need for eyelash lifting. The pack contains two types of Cream, Coating, Pure Essence, Fixing Gel, and a keratin booster to apply after the treatment. There is also a handy set of silicon eye pads in various sizes, which are necessary for the treatment to keep your client safe. The pack has been specially developed with beginner stylists in mind, allowing you to easily start lifting the lashes of your client.

Are there any contraindications for a lash lift?

As with any cosmetic treatments, there are also contraindications for eyelash lifting and lamination. Even though the procedure is safe and non-invasive, sometimes certain illnesses may prevent you from having it done. If you have an eye infection, for example, you won’t be able to have the treatment done on you for the duration of said illness. Hordeolum will also prevent you from getting it, as will conjunctivitis. Certain eye allergies are also contraindications, as are any long-term eye diseases. If you are a stylist who wants to perform eyelash perm on your clients, always remember to proceed with a survey first, which will establish any existing and previous diseases. It is also important for you to remind your clients about proper eye hygiene after the treatment, as their eyes might be prone to irritations for a couple of days after the procedure. Advise them not to touch their eyes and not to put their eyelashes in water for too long, at least for a couple of days after the treatment.

How to properly take care of my lifted eyelashes?

After undergoing a lash lift procedure, you will still be able to apply mascara and makeup, just as usual. However, you should avoid touching your eyes with your hands. You should also be careful when applying any cosmetics to your lashes – be delicate and don’t stretch them too much! You can also apply various conditioners and oils to further improve the health of your eyelashes, but remember that it can shorten the effect of eyelash perm, which normally lasts between six to eight weeks, as your lashes will gradually fall off and get replaced with new ones, which will require another treatment to retain their shape and look.