Brushes & Wands

If you are a stylist who wants to provide eyelash extensions to their clients, there are a lot of supplies you will need to do that properly. First of all, you will need lots and lots of artificial lashes, but that’s not all of it. There are many eyelashes accessories and cosmetics which are required during the treatment, including primers, cleaners, and removers. The most versatile and useful, however, are brushes and wands, as they are required for a wide variety of cosmetic treatments, including eyelash extensions, lash lifting, and more. Similar to other eyelash supplies, Noble Lashes provides a wide selection of premium brushes and wands, offering high-quality products to cosmetic salons all over Europe.

Essential accessories in every beauty salon - brushes and wands

Many beginner stylists tend to forget the importance of small accessories in the workplace. Even though such appliances as brushes and wands may seem unimportant, their impact on the results of any given treatment is substantial. Eyelash brushes featured by Noble Lashes are made out of the highest quality components. They are safe to use for any type of lashes, with a special formula that keeps both natural lashes and artificial ones safe from damage. The main aim of using an eyelash brush is to separate individual lashes from each other, as extensions sometimes tend to pivot or tangle. Using a brush can easily put them back where they are supposed to be, enhancing the effect. There are two types of eyelash brushes offered by Noble Lashes - a synthetic one and a silicone one. 

What are the differences between different types of brushes?

The most common type of eyelash brush is a simple plastic brush, available in a large variety of colours, including a black one, a white one, and even a pink one. These brushes are very handy, as their small size allows them to be kept in a storage trunk along with other cosmetics, and even in your handbag. They are easy to use, even by clients at their own homes. A great initiative is to gift your client a brush or two at the end of their visit so that they can keep their eyelashes tidy and clean on their own. Such a gesture will not cost you much, as a simple brush is very cheap. Your clients will appreciate the gift and tell their friends about it, increasing your potential number of clients! Simple plastic brushes can be ordered at Noble Lashes in quantities of 10, 20, or 100, depending on your needs.

Silicone brush - a versatile solution

If you’re looking for something more solid than a simple, disposable plastic brush, we recommend taking a look at our silicone brushes, which can be used not only for eyelashes but also for eyebrows. Silicone brushes that you will find at our shop have been designed for professional use, using only the highest quality materials. These brushes are durable, yet still delicate. Their appropriate stiffness allows them to be very efficient when used with eyelashes, successfully separating them with ease. Silicone brushes are also the most sanitary ones to use, and many stylists prefer to use them over plastic brushes. In the end, it all boils down to preference. We recommend trying out a few different types of brushes and wands to find the one that suits you best.

Eyelash cleaning brush - the easiest way to keep your eyelashes clean

A special type of brush is a cleaning brush, which is used to clean the eyelashes instead of separating them. It is extremely important to keep both your client’s natural lashes and the extensions clean and sanitary, as it allows you to increase the overall quality of the treatment and helps prevent any possible side effects. An eyelash cleaning brush will also increase your comfort of work, allowing you and your client to enjoy the treatment better. Proper use of accessories such as brushes and wands will extend the longevity of your treatments, not only improving the results but also making them more durable. Every respectable stylist should keep a steady supply of eyelash cleaning brushes at their salon. They are also very useful for door-to-door beauticians, as their small size allows them to be easily transported. 

Premium cleaning brushes at Noble Lashes

Noble Lashes provides several types of high-quality cleaning brushes, designed and produced for professional use. Our brushes are soft and delicate, and will not cause any skin irritation on your clients. Some of the most popular models of cleaning brushes sold by Noble Lashes are made out of bamboo, making them a much more eco-friendly choice than regular plastic brushes. These brushes are fully biodegradable, and the bamboo wood makes them solid and durable. Bamboo possesses anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, making it a healthier and cleaner choice, both for our environment and for your clients. There are, however many more types of brushes and wands that you will be able to find at Noble Lashes, one of them being velour applicators.

Fibreless velour applicators - a popular choice for all stylists

One of the most popular choices of applicators are fibreless velour applicators, which are one of the safest types of applicators you will find on the market. Due to the lack of fibres, these applicators don’t absorb any substances and make treatments easier and more comfortable to provide. Noble Lashes boasts premium fibreless velour applicators, which can be used in combination with primers and cleaners to remove eyeliner and eyeshadow. It can also be used to apply lipstick, remove excess oil from eyelashes, and even remove old eyelash extensions. Always remember to properly clean your client’s eyelashes before any treatment, for which a fibreless velour applicator is the most comfortable solution. You will find them in packagings of 12 or 100 pieces at Noble Lashes.

Exclusive brushes and wands - crème de la crème of accessories

If you want something truly spectacular for your beauty salon, Noble Lashes provides a selection of Exclusive brushes and wands, which are the most luxurious line available at our shop. The Exclusive brush can be used both for eyelashes and for eyebrows, providing unparalleled quality. The brush can be used not only for eyelash extensions but also after eyelash lifting treatments. We also sell special eyebrow brushes, which have been designed specifically to treat eyebrows. These brushes have slightly slanted hairs in narrow strands, which makes it easier to apply eyeshadow. Another premium choice would be a Kabuki Brush, which is both stylish and soft, great for allover application. The Kabuki Brush is small and compact, making it a great travel accessory. It can be used to apply blushes, bronzers, powders, and shimmer, making it an amazing appliance for contouring. The brush comes with a small box to keep it in, designed with a fancy leopard-skin pattern, which is also featured on the brush itself. For more types of brushes and wands, we recommend checking the rest of Noble Lashes’ offer – we are sure that you will find what you need!