Starter & Training Kits

Every professional stylist was once at a starting point, where they weren’t sure what to do and how to go about starting their business. The first step to becoming a renowned beautician is to gain skills and knowledge through various courses and hours upon hours of training, perfecting your craft. To do that with eyelash extension treatments, stylists often use training lashes, which are cheaper and of lower quality than actual eyelash extensions. When used in combination with mannequins or other practice eyelashes accessories, one can easily practise every day without putting anyone in danger. However, once you’re done with training and are prepared to move onto real clients, supplying yourself with actual eyelashes and required accessories can be quite difficult, especially for beginner salon owners. That is why here at Noble Lashes, we have decided to make it easier for all of you by introducing starter kits, which include everything a beginner stylist might need!

Begin your stylising journey properly with starter kits

With eyelash extensions and treatments such as eyebrow microblading becoming more and more popular with every year, many established stylists who have not specialised in this field are re-specializing instead to gain more clients. It can be hard, however, to get into an unknown field without any supplies, which is why starter kits can be so useful. Starter kits include a number of various accessories and supplies with which you will be able to begin serving clients immediately, without the need of anything else. There are different types of starter kits, depending on what treatments you want to provide and how expansive you want the kits to be. Noble Lashes offers a variety of kits at different price points, allowing you to customize the purchase to your individual needs!

Training kits - everything you need to become a better stylist

If you’re still a beginner in the field of eyelash extensions, a training starter kit will work perfectly for your needs. Noble Lashes offers a professional training kit that includes three packs of bulk training lashes, one pack of training lashes on strips, as well as a training head with replaceable eyes and a silicon pad. The training kit will allow you to save some money as well, as it is much more affordable than if you were to buy all of those components separately! It’s a perfect solution for beginner beauticians, who want to better master their craft before moving on to real clients. Training allows you to get better in what you do with every practice session you accomplish. After you are satisfied with the results and would happily wear such extensions yourself, you will be ready to start with clients!

Looking to get into microblading? Try the Microblading Starter Kit!

Similarly to eyelash extensions, microblading allows women to enjoy a gorgeous look without having to redo your makeup every day. This method of permanent makeup lasts for a long time and makes your eyebrows highlighted and well-defined. However, the supplies required to begin microblading can be quite expensive when bought separately, which is why here at Noble Lashes we have introduced a premium Microblading Starter Kit that included everything you might need! The kit includes three types of pigments of your choice, along with a double-sided pen, a symmetry measure, a semi-permanent pencil, 5 pieces of microblading blades, a pair of slant tweezers, and an eyebrow tinkle.

Want to try something more advanced? We recommend the Volume Starter Kit

If you’re looking to expand your offer onto more advanced types of eyelash extensions, including volume methods, we recommend trying out our Volume Starter Kit, which includes a large number of supplies and accessories needed to provide such treatments to your clients. This starter kit is truly inclusive, as it features four palettes of Russian Volume eyelashes in C and D curl types with 0,10 and 0,07 thickness and mixed lengths. It also includes two types of tweezers, EXPERT and VOLUME adhesives, an eyelash cleaner, cream remover, microbrush applicators, aloe vera eye pads, a large roll of cosmetic tape, ten mascara wands, a Lash Shelf, a crystal stone, as well as 10 each of “Next Visit” promotional tickets, informational leaflets, and health questionnaires. You can also customize the box in which you will receive the kit in, but that comes at an additional price.

One kit to rule them all - Premium Starter Kit

Want to start your business with a bang? Get the Premium Starter Kit, which includes the largest selection of high-quality components available at Noble Lashes! Designed by professionals for professionals, the Premium Starter Kit includes four types of Russian Volume eyelash extensions, EXPERT and VOLUME eyelash glues, a set of special rainbow tweezers, premium primer, cleaner, remover cream, a set of microbrush applicators, cosmetic scissors, a handy mirror, Pure Lash foam lash shampoo, ten pieces of gel eye patches, a microfoam surgical tape, an additional roll of medical tape, 10 pieces of mascara wands, a Lash Plate, crystal stone used for applying glue, a hygrometer for measuring humidity levels, as well as tickets, leaflets, and questionnaires (10 pcs each).

Something simpler - 1:1 Starter Kit

Volume methods provide a luscious, glamorous effect, but sometimes clients want something simpler that they will be able to wear on a daily basis. For those purposes, 1:1 eyelash extensions work perfectly, as they provide a more natural effect that looks believable. Our 1:1 Starter Kit includes everything a beginning beautician might need to provide such services to her clients. In the 1:1 Starter Kit, you will find two boxes of premium Mink Express lashes (in two varieties), ULTRA PLUS and EXPERT glues, medical tape, microfoam surgical tape, two pairs of tweezers (curved and straight), 5 pieces of gel eye pads, primer, cleaner, remover in cream, a crystal stone, Shelf Lash Plate, five disposable glue films, ten microbrush applicators, a pink air blower, as well as the standard tickets, leaflets, and questionnaires (10 pieces each).

Customize your starter kit - choose between a Lash Box and a coffer

Noble Lashes allows its clients to choose from a variety of packaging options when buying their starter kits. Cosmetic cases and coffers are extremely useful for salon owners, allowing them to better organize their supplies. They are also especially convenient for door-to-door beauticians, who need an easy way to carry their belongings with them on visits. The standard packaging option at Noble Lashes is a stylish Lash Box with the company logo on it, which can be re-used as a storage compartment. If you want something more luxurious, however, we give you the option of selecting one of many coffers with additional compartments and drawers, perfect for storing larger amounts of cosmetic supplies! The coffers, however, come at an additional price. The cheapest option is the Pink Coffer. A more expensive choice would be the Diamond Black Coffer. Finally, the most expensive but also the most luxurious selection is the Diamond White Coffer.