If you’re looking for premium cosmetic lamps to furnish your beauty salon with, Noble Lashes provides some of the best quality lamps available on the European market. Our products are a perfect choice both for a professional stylist with years of experience, as well as for a beginner beautician who is just learning the ropes. No matter how long you’ve been working in the field, chances are, you already have a cosmetic lamp in your salon, as they are an irreplaceable accessory when it comes to eyelash extension or manicure. If you don’t have a lamp yet, we recommend you get one as soon as possible. Trust us – you won’t regret the purchase!

What can I use a cosmetic lamp for?

Cosmetic lamps have a variety of uses, but they are most useful in eyelash extension treatment. Your client should feel comfortable during the procedure, but you, as a stylist, should also feel that way. Research has shown that the comfort of work increases the quality of treatments at a beauty salon, as you don’t have to worry about as many things at once and can easily focus on every individual step. Our cosmetic lamps will give you just that, as they are easy on your and your client’s eyes, making the entire treatment much easier to complete. Our lamps can also be used for a variety of treatments, which means you don’t need a separate lamp for every single treatment. This, furthermore, allows you to save more energy, which translates to smaller electricity bills and contributes to saving our environment. Your clients will, without a doubt, appreciate your care – both for their comfort and for our planet.

Noble Lashes – supplier of premium energy-saving cosmetic lamps

As a society, we produce more and more waste every year. It is a fact that each year, as the population around the world increases, so do our resource-oriented needs. We need more food, more water, more energy. All of that leads to vast increases in waste production, including increased emission of greenhouse gasses, more plastic being thrown away into the ocean, and the rise of the carbon footprint. At Noble Lashes, we want to help make a difference by introducing energy-saving and eco-friendly solutions into our products. Our cosmetic lamps can be used for more than a single procedure. Moreover, our lamps utilize LED lights, which function for up to 50 thousand hours. They also require only a fraction of the power required to keep regular lights on. If you want to further contribute to saving our environment, we recommend switching to our ECO Volume Lashes, if you’re using regular ones, as their packaging is 100% biodegradable.

Features of Glamcor cosmetic lamps

Apart from being energy-saving and eco-friendly, our lamps provide a high-quality experience. Lighting is a very important part of every cosmetic treatment, from the application of false eyelashes to microblading. Every stylist is highly encouraged to prepare adequate lighting in their salon, as it will allow them to properly see the effects of their treatments on the clients. Lighting is also especially important for door-to-door, mobile stylists, who don’t have the luxury of working in the same conditions every day. For them, every single client is served in a different environment with different lighting. Our Glamcor cosmetic lamps prove to be excellent for such circumstances, as they are very light and easy to carry and transport. Moreover, they do not get hot, which means you can pack it back right after the treatment is done. The lamp is also very durable, as it does not include any moving elements, and does not use glass in any of its parts.

Professional cosmetic lamps at affordable prices – only at Noble Lashes

Whether you’re a long-time beauty salon owner or a door-to-door beautician, you will probably need a cosmetic lamp to do your job properly. Utilizing a cosmetic lamp during eyelash extension treatment makes it much shorter and increases the overall quality of the end effect. Our Glamcor Cosmetic Lamp is a professional-grade product. Our lamp produces a cool shade, which does not hurt your eyes and doesn’t distort the colour of your client’s skin, hair, or of the pigment used for the treatment. Moreover, the lamp is very lightweight, as it weighs less than 2 kilograms. It is also extremely easy to assemble and disassemble, which is especially useful for mobile stylists.

Trust the professionals – our lamps are used by the worlds’ most renowned brands!

You don’t have to take our word for the quality of our lamps. Feel free to read the reviews of the product, both on our website and online, as you’re sure to find plenty – the Glamcor Cosmetic Lamp is one of the most renowned and popular lamps around the world, used by professional beauticians and home-grown makeup artists alike. If you need more confirmation than the opinions of customers online, Glamcor lamps are also used by such famous companies as Smashbox, Graftobian, Inglot, Loreal, Lancome, Paul Mitchell, Eve Pearl, Hourglass, and even CNN. Moreover, Temptu and Make Up For Ever use Glamcor lamps as well. Our cosmetic lamps are versatile and usable for any treatment that requires light and precision. Moreover, the lamp does not produce any heat and doesn’t distort your vision in any way, which makes it a truly dependable and trustworthy tool for performing your treatments!

More high-quality beauty products from Noble Lashes

Apart from our premium cosmetic lamps, Noble Lashes offers a wide variety of other cosmetics and beauty products, all of which have been developed and produced to cater to the needs of professional beauty salons around the world. If you have your own beauty salon, we offer premium supplies in wholesale at very affordable prices, including eyelashes of all types and sizes. Noble Lashes sells ECO Volume Lashes, Russian Volume Lashes, Flat Cashmire Lashes, Camelia Lashes, Mink Lashes, Training Lashes, Ombre Lashes, Colour Lashes, Swarovski Lashes, and more. We also provide a selection of eyelash extension accessories and adhesives, as well as high-quality cleansers, primers, and removers. Apart from that, we provide a rich selection of application accessories and care products, including makeup removers, brushes, wands, eye pads, and disinfection products. 

Not only for businesses – Noble Lashes caters to individual clients as well

Even if you’re not in the beauty business and only do your own makeup at home, Noble Lashes offers a number of premium products that you can take advantage of. For example, we offer a selection of handy cosmetic cases, which are perfect for storing your vast collections of cosmetics. No longer will you have to look through drawers and cabinets to find your mascara or foundation – now you can have all of them in one convenient place, with its own compartments to better organize your beauty products. Thinking about becoming a professional stylist? Check our list of courses, which will teach you the art of beauty treatments. With the completion of every course, you will get a diploma to prove your skills and expertise. See also our other eyelash salon equipment.