Eyelashes are without a doubt one of the main attributes of femininity. They provide women’s eyes with an appropriate setting, emphasising their natural beauty and charm. It comes as no surprise that many women crave mesmerising, seemingly endless eyelashes. That is the reason for which various methods of extending eyelashes have gained rapid popularity in recent years, and with demand comes innovation. Today, artificial eyelashes give every woman the opportunity to fulfil her desires of having perfect, long eyelashes!

Eyelashes in trays Russian Volume – outstanding results and surprising ease of application

When creating their line of artificial eyelashes in trays, Noble Lashes had one thing in mind: to allow stylists, beauticians, and cosmeticians to provide their customers with lasting and natural-looking eyelashes, and for their clients to be able to enjoy them around the clock. The result of this pursuit of perfection are eyelashes which are not only natural-looking but also easy and fast to apply, which makes the job of beauticians much easier. There is no need to worry anymore that your eyelashes will have the infamous “fake” look – premium materials and cutting-edge technologies utilised in the creation process of these eyelashes guarantee Hollywood-like effect combined with a surprisingly natural feel and look.

Artificial eyelashes from Russian Volume – so good you won’t remember they are even there

Carefully selected materials and technology give false eyelashes from Russian Volume rare properties which are hard to find in products from other producers. One of the main advantages these eyelashes have is their volume and length. Thanks to their favourable parameters, Russian Volume eyelashes from Noble Lashes are able not only to emphasise the natural contour of the eye but also to visually lengthen the eye’s cornea, providing your look with depth, while at the same time maintaining natural charm. They are also extremely resistant to creases and distortions, which ensures outstanding longevity and reliability in any circumstances. Finally, their main advantage is how lightweight and delicate they are - their users report that it’s to the point where they catch themselves forgetting about even wearing them!

Applying eyelashes with 1:1 method

The one-to-one method is currently the most advanced and modern way of extending your eyelashes. It offers everything there is to desire from artificial eyelashes; whether your goal is to extend, thicken, curl or increase the volume of your eyelashes, there simply is no better way than by applying them with the 1:1 technique. It is also important to notice that the eyelash extension 1:1 treatment is available for any person, regardless of age. This solution is perfect for those who are looking for a way to look their very best 24-hours a day and those who want to achieve a spectacular look but their natural lashes are thin, short and without curl. Furthermore, it’s a perfect method of extending eyelashes for the users of lenses.

Save your time with 1:1 eyelashes

Extending your eyelashes with eyelashes on trays allows you to save substantial amounts of time and to live a comfortable, relaxed life. With these fake eyelashes, you won’t have to apply mascara every morning, nor remove it when going to bed. That’s plenty of time saved. However, there is more to artificial eyelashes than just their time-efficiency. As you will no longer need to apply and remove makeup in the areas of your eyes, you won’t have to touch and rub the delicate skin that’s there, which can help you smoothen and diminish your wrinkles. And let’s not forget about the peace of mind you gain when you no longer need to worry about breaking your eyelashes by using the eyelash curler. The bottom line is – eyelashes on trays applied with 1:1 method take plenty of stress off your head!

How to apply 1:1 eyelashes on trays

The procedure of applying 1:1 Russian Volume eyelashes on trays is pretty easy and straightforward. It involves attaching the artificial eyelashes one by one to the natural ones with the use of special glue. As a result, you receive approximately 200 extended eyelashes. Once the life cycle of one of your natural eyelashes runs its course, it will fall out together with the fake eyelash attached to it, after what a new eyelash can take its place. Once you apply your eyelash extensions, it will take about 3-5 weeks for half of them to fall out – that’s when it is time to consider a follow-up visit to your cosmetician, who will be able to attach new lash extensions to the newly-grown, fresh eyelashes. Such a professional approach to reapplying eyelashes in trays guarantees the best results!

Professional eyelash extension – how is it performed?

Before you visit your beautician to have your eyelashes extended, it’s best to first gain some knowledge in order to feel confident. The procedure of extending your eyelashes normally takes between 2-2.5 hours. To make sure that you receive just the correct lash extensions for your type of natural eyelashes, and for your cosmetician to be able to provide you with the best, professional-grade results, he will first offer you a detailed consultation. He will then be able to choose proper artificial eyelashes while taking into account the volume, thickness, curl, and length of your natural eyelashes, as well as the shape of your face. Alternatively, you can buy eyelash extensions yourself, and go to your cosmetician to have them applied. The follow-up procedure that we’ve mentioned before takes between 0.5-2 hours, depending on the amount of lash extensions that have to be reattached.

Noble Lashes eyelash extensions in trays – a perfect cosmetician starter kit

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced beautician with experience in attaching thousands of eyelash extension kits or a new cosmetician who has just started learning his ropes in attaching artificial eyelashes. Lash extensions from Noble Lashes are always of premium quality, which makes them perfect for seasoned professionals, but at the same time easy to handle and apply, thanks to which they are just as great for beginners. We even have practice eyelashes for those of you who would like to learn how to apply them on a mannequin before moving on to real customers. These training lashes are self-adhesive and do not need glue, which makes them excellent for practice before using real eyelashes.

Our shop contains more than just eyelashes in trays – check out other accessories!

We are well aware of how demanding the typical beauty routine is, and that’s why our shop contains everything to satisfy the most sophisticated and elegant women. We take pride in our selection of premium and high-quality products and make sure to include wares which will prove their worth both in large beauty parlours as well as for freelance beauticians and cosmeticians. We invite you to familiarise yourself with our offer - we are sure that in our shop, you will find everything that you need to achieve wonderful, lasting and beautiful results!

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