Salon Equipment

Everything that you will need in terms of equipment for your salon can be found with the help of Noble Lashes. We produce a vast range of branded salon equipment to help in every aspect of your eyelash treatments, from uniforms to beds, pillows to blankets and even recommendations for you to upsell or gift your clients as aftercare. 

We consider ourselves a company that upholds the morals of quality and luxury. In choosing our brand to represent you with your equipment, you are showing your clients that you are using some of the best products and equipment on the market. Your clients will be safe in the knowledge that they are receiving the highest quality and luxurious treatments. They will feel at ease knowing they are being looked after by a brand whose reputation is known throughout Europe, and a technician who is putting their needs first.

Versatile Range for The Versatile Customer

Diversity is important as we are aware that clients come with many different needs, and so the scope of our cosmetic salon equipment reflects that. What we offer includes but is not limited to; clothing, stationary, marketing materials, cushions, memory foam pillows, table covers and even beauty beds. Whatever the needs of your salon or clients, we have you covered. Our dedication to supporting the stylist community is a value that we hold close to our core.

Some of our products come in a wide range of colours and styles, enough to suit the aesthetic and decor of any technician and salon. We know presentation and a cohesive look is important, and we are always creating with stylists in mind.

Quality of Life Increases With Noble

Our technicians’ uniforms come in various sizes and will always add an aura of professionalism to a treatment session. Uniforms are key to presenting a polished look to your clients and a Noble Lashes uniform has the added benefit of the Noble Lashes logo which brings an additional air of brand and product quality.

The astute technician will always have a selection of blankets and pillows on hand to ensure to cater for a diverse spectrum of clientele. Every client is different, and some will need additional support whilst you are providing treatments.

Innovative Ways to Improve Your Brand

Sometimes overlooked, questionnaires and surveys are a key tool in any technician's toolkit. Giving your clients the space to fill out these consultative surveys will make you stand out as a quality stylist and allow for direct and informative communication between you and the client. Noble Lashes loyalty cards are great ways to improve and grow your business, offering versatile promotional media of which you can directly choose the rewards.

Noble Lashes—A Standard of Quality

Higher quality cosmetic salon equipment assures a better foundation for treatment - which in turn ensures that the quality of your treatment increases with your client. Here at Noble Lashes we are guided by using high quality materials and offering the best support to our clients. We are one of the most recognisable eyelash brands across Poland and Europe and we believe that our reviews and customer experiences speak for our products. Check also our other eyelashes accessories.