3M is one of the most famous names in creating adhesive tapes, sticky notes, and many more products. The constant being the adhesive component of each of these products. Over the decades, 3M has gained such mastery over adhesives that the broad range of products they make can be used for all kinds of purposes, and they continue to expand.

Lucky for us, 3M has expanded its product range to include adhesives and tapes, which are specifically designed to come in handy during eyelash extension procedures. These multifunctional tapes are very versatile and gentle, which means that they would also keep your skin safe. 

3M - best tapes for lash extension

As is common knowledge, tapes are an essential part of the eyelash extension treatment, but since it is something you are using close to your eyes and for a fairly delicate procedure, it is important to ensure you use the right kind of tape. You cannot use any random tape as it would completely ruin all your work by sticking super hard and perhaps even rip some of your eyelashes. Like surgical tape, the 3M Eyelash Extension tape is also specially designed to be strong enough to last through the treatment but not so strong that it causes any issues. 

Which tape to choose for lash extension treatment?

If you are confused about which tape to use for eyelash extension treatment, head over to Noble Lashes and get your hands on the 3M Medical Tape for Eyelash Extension. It is hands down the best product you can buy. What makes it even better is that this tape is Hypoallergenic, so your skin would not suffer any damage. In addition, it is ideal for sticking to your bottom eyelashes to prevent them from sticking to the top lashes while conducting the procedure. 

Whether you are trying eyelash extensions treatment for the first time or have done it several times before, if you have not tried the 3M Medical Tape for Eyelash Extension, you are missing out on an excellent and simple method of getting the perfect eyelash extension treatment.