Eyebrows are one of the most noticeable features of our faces, making our eyes pop out with a proper level of highlight. However, while every one of us would want to have lush, yet delicate eyebrows, not all of us are as lucky to have them naturally. Thankfully, there is a whole range of treatments and procedures targeting the eyebrows that will turn even the most unfortunate eyebrows into a pair of glamorous arches.

There are many ways in which a stylist can improve her client’s eyebrows. Even simple eyebrow shaping can be done with a range of techniques, including plucking them out with a simple pair of tweezers, but also waxing and threading. With Noble Lashes and our line of professional eyebrow stylization products, your clients will be able to enjoy gorgeous brows that anyone would envy.

Eyebrow shaping with Noble Lashes products

Reshaping the eyebrows can have a tremendous effect on the appearance of the entire face, especially when done using high-quality tools by a skilled professional. If your clients are struggling to keep their eyebrows well-kept and can’t manage to create perfect arches themselves, it is your responsibility to help them. There are a couple of ways in which you can shape the eyebrows, each one with its own pros and cons. The most popular among them are plucking, threading, and waxing.

Plucking the eyebrows is as simple as it sounds - all you technically need is a pair of tweezers and you’re good to go. However, a lot of skill and experience is required to create gorgeous arches. The stylist needs to know exactly what shape of the eyebrows will fit the client’s face the best. Waxing can remove multiple hairs at a time - perfect for bushy brows - but requires a lot of precision. Threading is a great alternative, as it is faster than waxing and plucking, is very affordable, and is less painful than other procedures. You can find the tools to perform all types of eyebrow shaping here at Noble Lashes.

Eyebrow threading - a gentle solution for difficult eyebrows

Eyebrow threading is not a modern technique - in fact, it has been used in Asia for centuries to gently shape the eyebrows and remove facial hair. Threading provides the most precision out of all traditional eyebrow removal methods, and while it can be difficult to master, the benefits it provides are worth the learning. Threading is one of the most gentle types of eyebrow shaping, as the thread does not pinch on your skin while removing the hair. Because of that, this technique is perfect for clients with sensitive skin.

Keep in mind that there still might be irritation after threading - after all, the hairs are still getting plucked out. Threading can help remove even the smallest, most annoying hairs that would be otherwise difficult to remove with tweezers or wax. It is one of the best ways of achieving gorgeous arches, mainly because of the superior accuracy and precision it offers. The results will also last much longer than simple plucking, requiring less maintenance and fewer touch-ups.

Professional eyebrow care supplies at Noble Lashes

At Noble Lashes, you can find a range of high-quality eyebrow care supplies and cosmetics, for use both before the treatment as well as after the treatment for maintenance. Our BIO Brow Cleaner with Rosemary has been designed to provide gentle and thorough cleansing, properly preparing the eyebrows for any cosmetic treatment. The cleaner contains 99% of natural ingredients, nourishing the eyebrows in addition to cleansing. Our care products have been tested dermatologically and are safe to use, efficient, and affordable.

Never proceed with any cosmetic treatment targeting the eyebrows without properly cleansing them first - while you might think that flaked epidermis and other substances that are naturally found on the surface of eyebrows won’t be a problem, as they are not usually visible to the naked eye, they might still interfere with the treatment and negatively impact the results.

Always use high-quality eyebrow treatment accessories

When working with clients, using professional equipment will help ensure the results of the treatments are satisfactory. To make your work more efficient and easier, we recommend using high-quality accessories when treating the eyebrows. Using proper accessories will make you work faster and more comfortable, making fewer mistakes and serving each client much faster. Eyebrow tinkle, for example, is an extremely useful accessory, allowing you to remove very fine hairs from the eyebrows while protecting the skin from cuts and irritation.

To make your treatments produce better results, we recommend using an eyebrow styling template and a pair of eyebrow calipers. The templates will allow you to achieve a perfectly even shape of the eyebrows when shaping and can be attached temporarily to the skin for guidance. The calipers will help you maintain proper symmetry across two arches and will be useful in eyebrow reconstruction, as well as in treatments such as microblading and other methods of permanent makeup.