Glue & more

Eyelash extension adhesives play the second most important role in the goal of getting wonderful, beautiful eyelashes – next to the lashes themselves, of course. That’s why it’s crucial for your eyelashes glue to be simply flawless. There is no place for half measures here – it has to be made of the best available ingredients so that it is both durable and harmless to your health at the same time. Noble Lashes specialises in eyelashes and everything related to them. Our mission is to allow every woman to be able to enjoy the most spectacular look, and at the same time to feel confident and safe when utilising our products. That’s why the offer of our shop includes professional eyelash extension adhesives, which have been thoroughly tested and created with attention to the slightest detail.

Professional Eyelash Glues – safe to use and reliable

We know that every woman is different, so there can be no one eyelash glue for every type of lashes. In order to meet your individual needs, we offer a vast variety of eyelash extension adhesives, including glues for permanent and semi-permanent artificial eyelashes. This gives you the opportunity to purchase exactly the kind of eyelash glue that you need. A properly chosen glue for a specific type of eyelashes guarantees longevity and firm hold while being safe to use at the same time. Keep in mind that it’s a product that you will be applying and using in close proximity to your eyes, which is a very delicate area. That’s why our offer includes only tested and proven eyelash adhesives – your safety is our priority!

Top choice eyelash adhesives – we’ve got the most popular glues

Our glues are among the top choice extension adhesives, which means that they are able to satisfy even the most demanding customers. We stay up to date with the latest trends and the latest technological advancements and breakthroughs in the field of lash adhesives. That’s why our glues gained recognition and appreciation among the most respected industry experts. While most of our glues are appropriate for volume eyelash extensions, our shop also includes glues for clients who are looking for something more personalised and individual. Here you can find a proper adhesive for every colour, shape and size of eyelashes, as well as glues which offer different drying time or consistency.

Eyelash adhesives and allergies – nothing to worry about!

We know that different customers have different needs, and we are doing our very best to ensure that our offer includes appropriate products for everyone. If you’ve been worried that your allergy will stand in your way and prevent you from improving the look of your eyelashes, worry no more. We have excellent eyelash glues that can be used by people with allergies without irritating their skin or causing any side effects associated with their specific condition. Of course, you will still need to follow the operating instructions included with the adhesive to avoid undesirable effects and to ensure the safe use of our glues.

Looking for a fast-drying eyelash extension adhesive? We’ve got you covered!

Nowadays, rush accompanies us at every step and day of our life – and it’s not always that we can afford to wait for hours until the eyelash glue dries. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In order to help those of you who are in a constant hurry, as well as for beauticians who would like to work faster and be able to provide their services to a larger number of customers per day, we’ve included fast-drying eyelash glues in our offer. While it may take up to between 24 - 48 hours before a normal eyelash glue dries, Fast glue from Noble Lashes needs only half a second to establish a firm hold between your natural eyelashes and the artificial ones. This surprising time-effectiveness is the fruit of utilising top-grade materials and state-of-the-art techniques in the crafting process of our glue, which is among the most popular eyelash extension adhesives!

How to store eyelash extension glue?

In order to increase the life time of your eyelash extension glue, you have to remember that there are two main factors that affect its longevity – temperature and humidity. When it comes to temperature, it’s best to store eyelash extension adhesive in between 25-28°C. If you store your eyelash glue in a refrigerator, remember to take it out and keep in room temperature for around 1 hour before use. The aforementioned humidity should be kept at 55%, with 40%-70% being an allowable range. In the case of higher humidity, you can expect your glue to harden faster, and once that happens, its strength and durability take a turn to the worse. Remember that overly low humidity should be avoided as well, as it will cause a slower hardening rate. Also keep in mind that eyelash extension glues are prepared from strong chemical agents, and as such should always be kept away from children.

Are there any other ways of extending eyelashes?

Yes – (besides eyelashes liquids) and our shop includes accessories for all the popular methods for improving the look of your or your clients’ eyelashes. Our mission is to help every woman acquire that spectacular, red carpet look. We agree that “eyes are the windows to the soul”, and we make it our goal to make sure that your windows are ready to mesmerise anyone you turn them upon. Lifting and lamination treatments are a great way of granting the eyelashes a new life. In addition to that, eyelash rejuvenators, in combination with proper tools for maintaining eyelashes, can work wonders without the need of applying artificial lashes. It’s best to first look into ways of improving the look of natural eyelashes before moving on to other techniques, such as permanent extensions. That’s why here you can find and buy items like tweezers, applicators, mascara wands, eco applicators, eyelash combs and much more. Whether you run a big beauty parlour, or are a single beautician who would like to improve his range of services by investing in professional accessories for extending eyelashes, we’ve got everything you could ever need!

More than just eyelash extending accessories and glues

We are well aware of the typical needs of the clients of beauticians and beauty parlours. These days, they do not only come to “get the job done”. While this is their main purpose of a visit, many of them want to gain confidence, and we know that confidence comes from knowledge. By providing your clients with thorough knowledge about your services, as well as the materials, accessories and techniques involved, you can help them relieve stress and work towards building mutual trust. That’s why we are more than happy to provide our clients with advertising and teaching materials, which they can use to educate their clients, as well as to advertise their own services. This also includes informative materials for your clients, so that they can achieve the best results by maintaining their eyelashes the correct way and treating them properly after the treatment!