The Glamcore Revolution X is a wonderful product you can find in our store Noble Lashes. This product is perfectly suited for professional businesses that work in eyelash and eyebrow extensions. This new product is an improvement from the previous Glamcore Revolution. The Glamcore Revolution X comes with better and more accessible buttons and grips and is equipped with a brighter and whiter light. The design of the Glamcore Revolution X has been redone to allow for easier access to certain important buttons like the power button which is now on the top instead of the side. One will also notice that there are more than double the number of lights points that make it more suitable for larger beds and give enough room to adjust your angles easily.

Glamcore - Best lamps For Lash Extension Treatment

When we say that the Glamcore lamps are the best for eyelash extension treatment, we mean it. Created with the most modern technology and loaded with features, this Glamcore lamp by Noble Lashes is a must-have. 

The Glamcore Revolution X is equipped with 360 LED lights which ensure a clearer vision, thereby guaranteeing better work on eyelash extensions. There is no need to adjust to the correct setting or find the right balance. The Glamcore Revolution X is literally bringing about a revolution. The makers of this lamp have gone one step further and even included a UK plug converter because the plug on this lamp is of the European style. With major design changes on its body, making the lamp slimmer, sleeker, easier to carry, with a lightweight body and redone arms to give it a more chic yet functional look, this lamp is going to be your new favorite. 

The Noble Lashes Glamcore Revolution is a unique product from this brand and is definitely something worth trying. If you are in this business but have never tried this product out, try it now. It is quickly becoming very popular due to its superior features and easy-to-carry functionality. Equipped with the latest technology and better specifications, this lamp is a must-have.