Noble Lashes & Shinee

Noble Lashes & Shinee

Eyelash curlers have been around for a long time, but sometimes these are not the most efficient and even safe tools to be used near your eyes. A slight slip of the hand and you can end up damaging your eyelids. Ever wondered if there was a better way? Well, there is. The Noble Lashes’ Noble Lashes & Shinee range of products is a collection of items required for a professional quality eyelash lift. An eyelash lift is an easy and safe way to give yourself a permanent and long-lasting eyelash lift and curl, which will make your eyelashes look long and voluminous, eliminating the need to utilize the curling tool or regularly apply mascara.

Noble Lashes & Shinee - All For Perfect Lash Lamination

Eyelash lamination may seem like a big task, one that can only be accomplished clinically, but the Noble Lashes’ Noble Lashes & Shinee collection will change the way you think. This product range has made it simple for everyone to achieve their ideal eyelashes without hurting their pockets. With the help of these products, you can do lifting and lamination procedure easily within the comfort of your home, at your convenience. 

Products Needed For Eyelash Lamination

The Noble Lashes & Shinee collection curated by Noble Lashes, UK, is a collection of all the products required for Eyelash lamination. The Lash Lifting Comb, Lash Lifting Nourishing Lotion, Vegan SN Adhesive glue, Perm Lotion, and Setting lotion are everything you would need for the entire procedure, from start to end. The Lamination Set contains all of the products. So buy at once, or if you want individual products, those are available too.