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Eyelash lifting is one of the most innovative eyelash treatments available on the market. The treatment can be performed on women of every eyelash type, including women with short and straight eyelashes. With eyelash lifting, you can forget about your mascara and enjoy gorgeously curled eyelashes for up to six weeks after the procedure. The treatment itself is extremely simple and non-invasive and can be performed by any stylist and beautician with qualifications to do so.

Women with straight eyelashes will see the most dramatic change after the eyelash lifting treatment, but the results will be noticeable on women with every eyelash type. Unlike eyelash extensions, eyelash lifting does not require any attachments and provides your clients with a gorgeous set of eyelashes that are comfortable to wear. Eyelash lifting can make your eyes pop out by giving the eyelashes a desirable curl and a healthy look. It also reinforces the structure of the eyelashes, protecting them from damage.


Setting Lotion from SN Lift eyelash lifting set

If you happen to run out of the Setting Lotion included in your SN Lift eyelash lifting set, you can easily find a replacement at Noble Lashes. All of the ingredients of the SN Lift set are also sold separately, allowing you to easily stock-up whenever you finish one bottle. You can save money by buying the products separately, instead of purchasing a whole new set every time a single substance runs out. The products should not be used separately and have been specifically designed to be used together.

Looking to add eyelash lifting to your repertoire of treatments at your salon? The SN Lift eyelash lifting set is a perfect choice for you! The set contains everything needed to perform a professional eyelash lifting treatment, including all of the substances, as well as a set of silicone eye pads and a bonus lash comb. As the procedure is simple and does not take more than an hour, it can also be effectively used by mobile beauticians at their client’s home.

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