Eyelash extensions have taken the beauty market by storm, as more and more women decide to give their lashes additional flair by adding artificial strands on top of their natural eyelashes. More than that, a lot of women take matters into their own hands and buy false eyelashes on their own, as they often come in easy-to-apply strips, requiring just a simple eyelash applicator. There are, however, multiple other application accessories, all of which come handy for both professional stylists and women who want to enhance their looks without having to sacrifice hours of their time. Noble Lashes is one of the leading suppliers of application accessories, which are irreplaceable when it comes to applying false lashes, providing high-quality beauty products, available both in wholesale and retail quantities.

Are application accessories necessary?

While not all application accessories are mandatory when applying false lashes, there is a number of them that are required. Moreover, even though some can be skipped, it is still highly recommended to use them, as they make the application quicker, easier, and safer. Accessories also make it much more comfortable to apply your eyelashes, increasing your precision and, in turn, the achieved effect. The accessories are also fundamental for all beauty salons, as they increase the quality of treatments and every professional stylist knows just how handy they are. Some of the more popular accessories are silicon eyepatches, which are perfect during tinting or eyelash extension, as they protect the skin from any damage or irritation. They are also incredibly lightweight and have a great grip, much better than regular ones.

Application accessories to use at home

If you are looking for accessories that will help you apply your makeup at home, such as a mascara brush, Noble Lashes provides a large variety of dedicated premium products. We offer a large selection of mascara wands, which are some of the most popular beauty products, found in almost every woman’s purse. In our collection, we include regular mascara wands, transparent mascara wands, mascara wands with pink handles, silicone mascara wands, and more. We also provide a selection of useful combs, which can be used to brush your eyebrows and eyelashes, allowing you to separate your lashes after application. Combs are also irreplaceable if you have wild eyebrows, as it will allow you to easily tame them. Here you can also find useful eyelash tweezers and tapes.

Application accessories for professional use

For stylists and beauticians out there, we offer a wide range of professional application accessories, which will help you cater to your clients faster and more comfortably. Noble Lashes is a renowned supplier of highest-grade beauty products, and our products are being used in some of the best beauty salons across all Europe. One of our most popular products are silicone rings, made to hold pigment for permanent makeup and microblading techniques. The rings are made out of flexible material, which adapts to your finger and protects the pigment from spilling over. Apart from pigment rings, we also offer glue holders, which can be used as a replacement for stones. Glue holders come in a variety of shapes and types, including rings and plastic cups.

Be eco-friendly – try our ECO application accessories

If you want your salon to promote an environmentally-friendly policy, we recommend our line of ECO products, which have been designed with nature in mind. While plastic and other synthetic materials are cheap and can be easily mass-produced, they highly increase the carbon footprint we produce every year. If you want to contribute to making our planet a better place to live in, the ECO eyelash applicator is one of the many products with which you can accomplish that. We utilize natural bamboo wood to produce the applicators, which makes them look stylish and proves to be a great replacement for plastic. Fitted with delicate velour material, they will make applying false lashes an extremely easy task. They are also great for eyelash extensions, and can easily spread remover, cleaner, or primer on the eyelashes of your clients. If you want to try them out, we sell single applicators, as well as packs of one hundred, which provide more bang for your buck.

Plates, cups, holders – application accessories for eyelash extensions

Since so many women are deciding to extend their eyelashes, finding application accessories that help with that treatment is a very reasonable idea. Noble Lashes offers a selection of various products, which are aimed to do just that. One of such products is the handy eyelash extension plate, which can be securely placed on the back of your hand or your client’s forehead. The plate will make your job much more comfortable, allowing you to finish the procedure in a much shorter amount of time. Moreover, the plate features useful measurements, which you can use to control the number of lashes you already used. Lash holders are used in a similar way, placed on your client’s forehead with the use of two comfy rubber bands. Finally, eyelash cups will make storing and accessing eyelashes easier, allowing you to transfer them from their original packaging. The cups are available in various sizes and are made out of anti-sticky material, making it easier to remove the lashes from the container.

Take proper care of your lashes – shampoos and other care products

Apart from application accessories, Noble Lashes offers an arrangement of products that can be used to keep your eyelashes and eyebrows in a healthy condition, further enhancing their natural beauty. If you already have your eyelash applicator and a mascara brush, we invite you to see our collection of lash shampoos and micellar makeup removers. If you have sensitive skin, our BIO lash and brow cleaners are a perfect choice, available in a variety of fragrances. We also have a very special eyelash care products, which includes a foam container, a pack of eyelash shampoo, a handy brush to clean your eyelashes, three mascara wands, as well as tips and recommendations for eyelash application – all packed in a luxurious, high-quality box, making it a perfect choice for a gift.

Noble Lashes – producer of high-quality beauty products

Whether you’re looking for products eyelash salon equipment ( like eyelash extension lamps) or just trying to restock your home collection with eyelash starter training kits, Noble Lashes offers premium accessories that have been designed for professional use. We offer a wide range of cosmetics to apply on your skin before and after treatments, which make the effect even better or help you remove it completely. Browse through our selection of healthy removers if you need help getting rid of your previous makeup. Our oil-free makeup remover will thoroughly clean any remnants of cosmetic products from your skin. Glue removers are also a must-have, as they allow you to easily remove your false eyelashes without hurting your eyelids. Whichever accessory it is that you need, you can rest assured that anything you get here is of premium quality!