Noble Lashes are proud to introduce our innovative range of BIO line cleaning products, a range of make-up removers, eyelashes primers and eyelashes cleansers specially created by our team of experts to be almost completely natural, high performance and environmentally conscious. We are always striving to improve the standard of lash care, for customers and stylists alike to take care of their lashes in the best ways possible.

Noble Lashes BIO Line consists of the following products; BIO Micellar Make-Up Remover, BIO Eyelash Cleaning Foam, BIO Brow Cleaner with Rosemary, BIO Lash Cleaner with Rosemary and BIO Lash Cleaner with Rose.

Noble Lashes: The Professionals Choice

Our Noble Lashes laboratories are totally committed to using the best ingredients that we can source in our formulas, taking self-care and luxury to another level. We have not only put our efforts into making sure that our cleaners clean to a high standard, but we have ensured that they are gentle and nourishing on skin, lashes and brows.

By using the Noble Lashes BIO Line, you are ensuring that you are giving your clients a high level of service with some of the best products for use. Our products are not only designed to ensure that lashes and brows are totally cleaned prior to any treatment, but also that they are effectively nourished alongside them. This heightens the efficacy of your work and ensures that your client is truly pampered.

Our Bio Product Range

The BIO Line is made up of several products that have all been produced from natural sources and formulated to clean the lash and brow areas. Several of these products contain key ingredients to aid in their function or to bring higher levels of nourishment to your clients brows and skin.

The BIO Micellar Cleansing Water is a make-up remover containing aloe, an ingredient so renowned for its skin care that it is used worldwide. Aloe is primarily a healing plant and comes with properties that aid in the recovery of minor wounds or burns. Alongside this the high water content of aloe means that it is naturally moisturising and is often used alone to hydrate skin.

Two of our cleaners, our BIO Brow Cleaner and one of our BIO Lash cleaners both come with added rosemary. Rosemary has been used for thousands and is known to have anti-inflammatory properties due to the high number of antioxidants it contains. Alongside this, it has recently been discovered that rosemary can cause hair growth, by stimulating circulation around the scalp.

Our alternative BIO Lash Cleaner comes with added rose. Rose is renowned for its skin-soothing properties and as known as an astringent, meaning it is great for combating redness, acne and inflammation and for calming the skin. Alongside this, rose has antibacterial properties and is a rich source of vitamin C.

The final product in the BIO Line is by no means the least, packed full of powerful ingredients, our BIO Eyelash Cleaning Foam is sure to not disappoint. The BIO Eyelash Foam is enriched with active ingredients such as prebiotics that stimulate the hair bulbs and will strengthen any type of eyelash, as well as have a beneficial effect on the surrounding skin. Allantoin soothes any irritations and added glycerin moisturises and regenerates skin. Arginine, an antioxidant, helps in the production of collagen.

Why Use Our BIO Line?

Our BIO range may seem innocent, but in reality they are small powerhouses, with each formula packed with natural ingredients to maintain and cherish your clients' lashes. We have filled each product with the best active bases to benefit both you and your clients, making them beneficial to your clients eyelash and skin health.

Our BIO Line has been designed and put together by professionals, with a view to be real assets to your treatment range. We have a commitment to stylists and want to ensure that we provide the best products possible in order to help with your treatments. The BIO range is both gentle and firm, cleaning lashes easily and efficiently whilst simultaneously soothing your clients skin. Our products are great for stylists at all ends of the spectrum, beginner beauticians who are looking for their first sets of accessories and liquids, and for far more experienced ones—looking for a way to enhance their services and take them to the next level. We know that they will be invaluable additions to any stylists toolkit.

Noble Lashes: A Sign Of Excellence

All of the Noble Lashes BIO range are 100% Vegan, cruelty free and made in Poland. It is increasingly important in today's society that we keep up with our impacts on the environment and the natural world alike. Noble Lashes is always striving to set the bar on the industry standard and we hope our BIO range will help us in our mission.

Here at Noble Lashes we are guided by using high quality materials and developing top quality formulas to offer the best support to our clients. We are one of the most recognisable eyelash brands across Poland and Europe for a reason. Our passion for levelling up the beauty industry is reflected in our superior products.