BIO Eyelash Foam Cleanser For Eyelash Extension

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BIO eyelash cleaning foam

Our BIO eyelash cleaning foam may seem innocent, but in reality, it is a powerful and efficient formula that can be used both to get rid of anything that got stuck to the hairs and to take care of the condition of the eyelashes. This one of a kind product is not only beneficial for the eyelash structure, but it also nourishes the skin with active ingredients.

At Noble Lashes, we put all our hearts into the production process of our small masterpieces that will allow beauticians, stylists, and ordinary people to take care of their eyelashes in the best manner possible. Our foam can also be a real asset when preparing for the eyelash extension treatment. It cleanses the hair’s surface, allowing safer and more effective application of extensions. If our natural eyelashes will be strong and nourished, the artificial ones will not fall for a longer period of time. The foam is also very efficient as a 100 ml container will be enough for long use of the product.

Why Use The BIO Range?

The BIO Micellar Makeup Remover contains over 90% Natural ingredients. Gently moisturizing and soothing skin. 

Ideal for sensitive skin, the alcohol free formula is designed to specifically moisturize and provide gentle cleansing.

Aloe vera contains a myriad of antioxidants, enzymes, and vitamins, and has a wide range of benefits for use - alongside its soothing properties, it is used to heal minor wounds on the skin and to moisturize. Noble Lashes are committed to providing high quality products.

Night Jasmine Scent

How to use:

Apply the foam to the eyelashes and gently cleanse them. After cleaning the eyelashes, rinse thoroughly with water.

Made in Poland
100% vegan
100% cruelty free