RefectoCil is another one of Noble Lashes’ product collections designed to make your eyelashes and eyebrows prettier for longer. By using these products, you can go without touching your eyelashes and eyebrows for more than 6 weeks! It is going to be hard finding a DIY home treatment kit, the results of which last this long. But Noble Lashes’ RefectoCil has achieved these results. RefectoCil is easy to use and comes with all the instructions and precautions mentioned on the package itself. What makes it even better is the wide range of color options available.

Refectocil - Professional Brow Tinting Products

RefectoCil has perhaps got the most shades as compared to any other eyebrow dyeing producer out there. Ranging from the lightest blonde shades to the darkest blacks, whatever your eyebrow shade may be, RefectoCil has a product to match your needs. If, however, your shade is not matching, you can always mix two colors to get your desired shade. The RefectoCil range has even formulated its color developers, compatible with its Creme Hair Dye products to allow for the best dye formulation. You need to mix the creme dye and the oxidant and apply it as per instructions. 

Another unique thing about this range is the Creme hair Dye itself. Not many products come in this creme formulation which is what makes it very gentle and easy to apply. The rich creme texture leaves your skin moisturized while the dye does its work. Don’t let the name Hair Dye confuse you- this hair dye is specially curated to perfectly match your eyebrow and eyelash hair. 

If you have not yet tried the RefectoCil range of products, try them right now. You will surely see the difference between other products you may have tried and RefectoCil. Before applying any products, go through the instructions thoroughly and take all necessary precautions mentioned on the pack to avoid any difficulties later. RefectoCil takes safety first very seriously and recommends wearing gloves while applying these products along with detailed instructions on how to use them, to ensure safety and preserve the integrity of the product itself.