BIO Lash Cleanser With Rose For Extension Treatment

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Noble Lashes are proud to present our Lash BIO cleaners, part of our BIO line of products. Our BIO cleaners are natural solutions used by professionals to degrease and cleanse eyelashes and eyebrows before treatments. This particular cleaner is infused with rose.

What Are BIO Cleaners?

The Lash BIO Cleaners are intentionally created to heal and strengthen lashes. These versatile formulas are incredibly helpful to a technician as they help to cover a large range of clients and their needs. Everyone from the clients with healthy natural lashes to the clients with broken or damaged lashes that can rest assured that you are using some of the highest quality natural products on them.

Each of our formulas in the BIO range boast the highest quality ingredients, that are specifically selected by our team of experts to nourish your clients lashes, helping you to stand out from the rest and keep them coming back for more!

Lash Cleaner With Rose

Rose extract is a gentle antiseptic and astringent containing flavonoids and vitamin C, that can help prevent redness and blemishes. Both extracts also soothe and heal the skin around the brows and the lashes, leaving your clients happy and nourished.

Our BIO Lash Cleaners contain 99% natural ingredients. This is testament to our dedication to providing eco-friendly products and raising environmental awareness throughout the lash and beauty industry. We are proud to say that we are constantly innovating products and putting our hearts into the production of these small masterpieces.

How to use:

Apply the cleaner to clean eyelashes. Apply with micro brushes.

Made in Poland
100% vegan
100% cruelty-free
Capacity: 10ml