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As we get busier and busier with every day, we often don’t have time anymore to do proper makeup. Instead, we need to find ways to quickly improve our appearances before an event, or otherwise, we risk not getting ready at all. False eyelashes come to the rescue, as they give women around the world a fancy look, while only taking a couple of minutes to apply. Keep in mind that false eyelashes should be done in a salon, under the supervision of a professional beautician. Here at Noble Lashes, we want to present to you the newest trend in eyelash extensions – Russian Volume Lashes

What are Russian Volume Lashes?

If you’ve never heard about it, Russian Volume Lashes is an eyelash extension technique originating from Russia, where you create little bouquets out of individual false eyelashes by fanning out a couple of lashes and then applying them to your natural eyelashes. They are also known as 3D lashes. The technique itself is not that new, but it used to be frowned upon, mainly because of its weight and health hazards. However, modern Russian Volume Lashes are lightweight and very thin, designed not to put too much stress on your natural lashes. Currently, it is one of the most popular and common methods for eyelash extension, performed at beauty salons all around the world. 

Russian Volume Lashes – the specifics

If you are curious about the details of Russian Volume Lashes and their application, let us shed some light on the topic. First of all, the stylist will gather two or more individual lashes together. The more lashes you use, the more impressive the effect will be. However, with Russian Volume Lashes, you always need to find the balance between too many and too few eyelashes. If you use too few, the effect won’t be as glamorous as needed. If you use too many, on the other hand, the result will be too heavy for the natural eyelashes. Lashes available at Noble Lashes come in categories from 2D to 10D, which indicate how many lashes there are in a single bunch. If you want to go for a more natural effect, choose 2D or 3D. The higher you go, the more spectacular the effect will be. Be careful though, as 10Ds might prove to be quite heavy for your lashes.

The benefits of Russian Volume Lashes

Even though the technique was discouraged in the past, modern developments in the field of beauty products allowed Russian Volume Lashes to once again become a popular trend. Nowadays, instead of thick lashes which used to span between 0.15 millimetres and 0.2 millimetres, thin lashes of the width of 0.05 millimetres to 0.10 millimetres are primarily used. This allows the pre-made bunches to weigh less, bringing the total weight of each bunch to a number similar to that of regular false eyelashes. Due to that, Russian Volume Lashes are perfectly healthy, and you shouldn’t feel them on your eyes. If you can still feel the lashes and they are uncomfortable, go with a lower number of lashes in a bunch. 

How long do Russian Volume Lashes hold?

The longevity of Russian Volume Lashes, similarly to any other eyelash extension, depends heavily on your natural eyelashes’ condition. If they are healthy and well taken care of, the extensions may last even up to a month. If they are in poor condition, lacking nutrients and care, the effect will be significantly shorter. Russian Volume Lashes can also be customized to your preference at will. You can mix and match the types of lashes, experimenting with them to find the perfect combination that fits you like a glove. If you’re thrilled about the idea, make sure to browse our Russian Volume Lashes offer, which includes a variety of types, both in fans and in strips. 

Is it worth to learn how to apply Russian Volume Lashes?

If you’re a stylist or a beauty salon owner, we wholeheartedly recommend getting yourself acknowledged with the technique of Russian Volume Lashes, due to their increasing popularity. Every month, more and more women ask to refurbish their lashes using this technique, as the news is spreading about their glamorous effects. In today’s world, every professional beautician who cares about their business provides Russian Volume Lashes treatments. If you decide to add this technique to your repertoire of treatments and procedures at your beauty salon, you can be sure it will invite tons of additional clients.

Noble Lashes – a leading producer of quality Russian Volume Lashes

At Noble Lashes, our priority is always the quality of our products. That is why we have spent long years perfecting the design and composition of our eyelash extensions, ensuring that they meet the professional requirements of the most respected beauty salons in the world. Our eyelashes are rigorously tested to ensure the safety of use so that you don’t have to worry about a single thing when wearing them. We believe that the comfort of applying eyelashes is directly connected with the effects of a treatment, which is why we use the best quality adhesive in our Russian Volume Lashes. Thanks to that, you can easily modify fans of eyelashes, removing one or two at a time without struggle. When looking for a place to buy false eyelashes, choose Noble Lashes.

Russian Volume Lashes – are they for me?

One of the best aspects of Russian Volume Lashes is their universality. They can be worn by practically anyone, and the effect will be just as spectacular. Russian Volume Lashes fit women of every age, so you don’t have to worry about being too old or too young for the lashes to look great on you. Moreover, the lashes are perfect for both big events, during which you need to look glamorous, as well as everyday occasions. Russian Volume Lashes will look just as pretty during a wedding as they will during a regular day at work. The secret to this universality is the ability to customize these lashes on the go. Noble Lashes offers a range of pre-selected bunches, consisting of varying numbers of lashes. 

Do Russian Volume Lashes come in different lengths?

Of course! Noble Lashes offers a selection of Russian Volume Lashes in varying lengths, from 5 mm all the way to 16mm for a truly spectacular effect. This makes it easier to properly modify the treatment to your clients’ needs, as each one of them has different preferences. While some clients will want a spectacular, intense look, others will simply want to give their natural eyelashes just a bit more volume. The lashes are selected not only with the client’s preference in mind, but also considering their complexion, eyelash condition, and other factors. 

How can I learn how to properly apply Russian Volume Lashes?

At Noble Lashes, we provide training courses in the application of Russian Volume Lashes, during which you will be able to learn this skill from scratch or hone your pre-existing skills if you already have some knowledge. We also offer courses in other treatments and procedures, such as microblading or eyelash and eyebrow tinting. The courses also include sections on work safety and sanitation, as every beauty salon needs to take care of those before they start serving their clients. 

If you have many clients with allergies, we recommend the Sensitive Adhesive for delicate eyes.

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    The best lashes

    Posted by Dagmara on 15th Jun 2023

    My favourite lash extensions since long time, very high quality, great price.

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    Posted by Karry on 18th Jun 2022

    My best lashes from Poland

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    Russian lashes

    Posted by Ada on 18th Jun 2022

    I used to check other new lashes that are on the market but I always get back to russian lashes. and in this price those lashes are amazing

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    russian lashes are best

    Posted by miriam on 29th Jan 2022

    my favorite lashes from 3yrs. best for 2d and 3D volume lashes. love russian lashes <3

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    Russian Lashes

    Posted by Maria Klara on 4th Jun 2021

    It's a hell of a treatment with that lashes. Love them <3 Russians the best