Starter Kit Volume Lashes Extensions

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This set was composed by our specialists specially for you. 


Set includes: 

- Russian Volume C 0,10 mix

- Russian Volume C 0,07 mix

- Russian Volume D 0,10 mix

- Russian Volume D 0,07 mix

- Vetus Tweezer OO SA

- Vetus Tweezer ESD 17



- Primer 

- Cleaner

- Remover

- Microbrush aplicators

- Collagen patches 10 pcs

- Microfoam Surgical Tape

- Mascara wand 10 pcs

- Lash Pad

- Crystal stone

- Tickets for next visit 10 pcs

- Leaflets with informations for clients 10 pcs

- Questionnaire before eyelash extension 10 pcs   


In addition, there is a possibility to choose a cosmetic case, the option with a casket is more expensive.  


(The set contains the products specified in the description, the photo is for reference only)