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Not every woman is as lucky as to boast gorgeous natural eyelashes without some help. Many of us have their eyelashes too short, too thin, or too bright to look good on their own. That is why a lot of us resort to mascaras and other cosmetics, which highlight the eyes and give our lashes a glamorous flair. Simple makeup, however, won’t always work, as even with mascara, some eyelash types just don’t seem to be able to be tamed. There is a solution, however – artificial eyelashes and eyelash extensions. With every year, more and more women decide to do something with their eyelashes, and getting an eyelash extension treatment is one of the most efficient ways to get about it. The procedure is very affordable, does not take long, and leaves you with a lasting effect for at least a couple of weeks. One of the most popular techniques of eyelash extensions right now are Russian Volume method lashes, with all the necessary supplies available at a great price at Noble Lashes!

What are Russian Volume method lashes?

Even though Russian Volume used to be frowned upon in the beauty community, due to its high weight and stress they put on clients’ eyelids, recent development in beauty technology has allowed them to make an amazing comeback. Russian Volume method lashes are applied with the use of tiny bunches of eyelashes, which are attached to your natural lashes. Because up to 5 lashes may be attached to just one natural lash, these lashes used to weigh quite a bit, back when we did not know the methods and materials to make them more lightweight. However, here at Noble Lashes, we have spent time and resources developing the perfect type of Russian Volume method lashes, which do not put as much stress on your eyes. With our lashes, you won’t feel any discomfort, and your natural eyelashes will not get damaged. 

How long do Russian Volume method lashes last?

It all depends on the type of your natural lashes and their condition. If your lashes are healthy and do not fall off easily, you might expect the results to last even up to a month, effectively reducing the number of treatments you’re going to need to keep your glamorous appearance. However, if your eyelashes are fragile and are prone to falling off, the effects may last considerably shorter, even as short as only two weeks. Keeping your eyelashes in good shape will allow you to enjoy the effects way longer. This will also ensure that the outcome will be further improved, as your lashes will look strong and soft. We recommend our professional eyelash care products and accessories, which can be found at a very affordable price on our website. If you’re a beauty salon owner, always remember to apply conditioner to your clients’ eyelashes – it will allow them to enjoy their lashes longer, and they will be much more satisfied with the results!

How to properly apply Russian Volume method lashes

As you might already know, the Russian Volume method lashes use from two to five lashes to create tiny bundles, which are then attached to your natural eyelashes. That allows Russian Volume to be a very versatile method, as it can be easily customized to fit every client. If you’re looking for a more subtle effect, we would recommend bundles of fewer lashes, as it will create a more toned effect - but it will still be apparent that you’ve visited a beautician, it just won’t scream “glam”. For a truly glamorous effect, perfect for official parties or once-in-a-lifetime occasions such as weddings, you might want to use bundles of more lashes instead. Furthermore, you can create smooth transitions within a single look by applying various types of Russian Volume method lashes on a single eye. The possibilities are endless, and it is entirely up to you to create the look of your dreams!

Russian Volume method lashes – a great addition to professional beauty salons

If you are an owner of a beauty salon that does not yet offer Russian Volume method lashes, we wholeheartedly recommend adding this technique to your repertoire of treatments. The first reason for doing so is the rising popularity of the Russian Volume method, which has taken the world by storm in recent years. Newest technological developments have allowed eyelashes to be even lighter, while still retaining the famous volume of Russian Volume method lashes.Noble Lashes offers state of the art eyelashes and other beauty products, all of which have gone through rigorous testing to ensure the best possible quality and durability of our product range.

Types of Russian Volume method lashes

Noble Lashes offers a wide selection of Russian Volume method lashes, which can be used to create a whole range of looks and styles. When you make eyelash extensions with the use of Russian Volume techniques, you can make highly varying looks – from subtle to truly glamorous. The final effect depends primarily on the length and thickness of the lashes, as well as on the number of hairs in a single bundle of lashes. Since every client that enters your salon will have different needs, it is good practice to include multiple types of lashes in your offer. For example, women with dark hair can usually wear much thicker and longer eyelashes than blondes. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to expanding our selection of Russian Volume method lashes, including varying lengths, thickness levels, and amounts of lashes in the bundles. The bundles in our handy cassettes start at just 2 lashes per bundle and go all the way to ten, which is a number much higher than usually offered! 

Do you also feature products for beginner stylists?

Of course! We want to cater to professional beauty salon owners, beginner-level stylists, door-to-door beauticians, and individual clients as well! If what you’re looking for is even remotely connected to beauty and eyelashes, you will find it at Noble Lashes – in premium quality and at an affordable price! For example, when it comes to our Russian Volume method lashes, we offer mini palettes, which combine different types of eyelashes in a single packaging. This solution is perfect for beginner stylists, who want to cater their services to as many clients as possible. Moreover, you won’t have to invest in huge amounts of lashes of every single type, allowing you to save some money and invest it somewhere else. If you’re wondering what’s worth investing your money – have you thought about beauty courses to extend your skills?

Professional courses at Noble Lashes

Apart from selling premium beauty products, Noble Lashes organises beauty training courses, guided by experienced professionals. Our courses will allow you to expand your offer by introducing new treatments and techniques, for which you need a certificate to practice on clients. The courses we offer have a theoretical and practical part, and after you finish both of them, you will be presented with a certificate to display at your salon. We offer training in such areas as microblading or permanent makeup, but make sure to browse through the whole offer yourself to find something that fits you!


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  • 5

    Posted by sasha on 8th Mar 2024

    I fell in love with these lashes from the first use. I've never had such comfortable lashes before, As a professional lash stylist, I appreciate the quality of application of these lashes - they are incredibly easy to work with. Clients love the look of these lashes - I always receive compliments for their natural yet stunning effect. I highly recommend<3

  • 5
    Very soft lashes

    Posted by Kristina Lajauskiene on 11th Jan 2022

    I am very pleased with my order. I ordered first time to try and I am very surprised with lashes, how soft and nice they are with packaging and I have got many presents, its so sweet. Definitely I will buy some more.