Russian Volume Premium MINI Lashes Extensions

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Noble Lashes offers a line of beautiful silky Russian volume lashes, these lashes are designed to bring you impressive volume and as a result are one of the most popular eyelash extension techniques.

The Russian Lash Technique

Russian volume lashes are extremely popular these days due to their unique ability to provide high levels of volume, alongside a featherlight weight and a long lasting wear. These lashes have been specially crafted by Russian stylists to provide a beautiful, voluminous and dramatic look.

These eyelashes are thinner than average, and as a result can be glued together in a singular bouquet, forming two or more separate Russian lashes that have been joined together at the base; the addition of extra lashes provides increased volume and fullness beyond the 1:1 application techniques. The thinness of the lashes means that despite the extra number of lashes in the bouquet, the overall weight should be around that of regular methods—provided the stylist doesn't use too many! From 2D to 10D, there are Russian lashes to suit everyone. Their beautiful profile, gloss and softness give a feeling of luxury and satisfy even the most demanding clients.

Noble Lashes

Noble Lashes Russian Volume Premium Mini comes in our smaller mini palette, containing 6 rows of extensions. The palettes are customisable, with a range of lashes to choose from allowing you the option to specifically select your required curl style, length, and thickness. This allows you to curate the perfect palette for your needs.