During an eyelash extension treatment, you will need much more than just the false lashes. There is a number of eyelashes accessories that are not only helpful but actually required to properly proceed with the treatment. Even though some claim that they are not crucial and are just optional, they will make the final result much better, earning you the gratitude of your clients. One of such accessories are eyelash extension tapes, which make the stylist’s work much more comfortable. Moreover, due to the increased comfort of work, the overall quality of the treatment gets increased, making you more professional in the eyes of your clients. Such improvements are crucial to maintaining a high level of service in your salon and a great way to increase your popularity!

What is a medical tape?

If you have ever used eyepatches or eye pads, which are also available at Noble Lashes, you should already be at least partially familiar with the way a medical tape works. The reason for using an eyelash extension tape is to separate the bottom eyelashes from the top eyelashes of your client, which is a crucial step during an eyelash extension treatment. Separating these two rows of eyelashes gives you much better access to them, which in turn makes the work you have to do much easier and quicker. Keep in mind that no client likes to sit in the chair for hours on end and they might get restless after a longer while. Limiting the length of treatment to the bare minimum allows your clients to enjoy themselves as you work. They will leave your salon in a much better mood if the treatment does not leave them tired, and medical tape can easily help with that.

Is medical tape better than eye pads?

While tape is certainly useful, it boils down to preference and individual use whether it is better than eye pads. While medical tape is antiallergenic and the risk of skin irritation is close to a zero, it is still recommended to use hydrogel eyepatches or eye pads with aloe vera for clients with especially sensitive skin, or whose skin is already irritated. However, eye pads cannot be used to hold the upper eyelid, for which medical tape proves perfectly, further increasing the efficiency of your work. You can even use them both together, putting eye pads with skin conditioner underneath the bottom eyelid and helping yourself with tape, which holds the upper one. You should always choose the appropriate accessories individually to every separate client, as all of them are unique in their own special ways and have unique needs.

Benefits of medical tapes

Tapes and eye pads are very important accessories during eyelash extension, as they come in direct contact with your client’s skin. Because of that, their quality is of utmost importance so that they do not cause irritation. Noble Lashes offers a large selection of tapes, including a simple medical tape, but also a perforated tape, silicone hypoallergenic tape, Nichiban tape, and microfoam surgical tape. Every type of tape has its own unique features and characteristics and should be used for different scenarios. For example, the perforated tapes offered by Noble Lashes have a surface filled with microscopic pores, which allows the air to flow through the tape. This prevents the skin underneath from sweating, further decreasing the probability of skin irritation. Perforated tapes are also very comfortable for the client, as even people with sensitive skin around their eyes won’t be at a discomfort!

Silicone tapes - a truly hypoallergenic choice

Whenever a client with skin allergies visits you, you need to take special precautions to ensure their safety. A considerable number of women have easily irritable skin and allergies, which disqualifies them from a great number of cosmetic treatments, but with proper care, they can enjoy eyelash extensions without complications. The safest choice for clients with allergies are silicone cosmetic tapes, sold at Noble Lashes in two different sizes - 1,9 and 5 centimetres thick. Silicone tapes reduce the possibility of an allergic reaction to an absolute minimum, and, moreover, can be used in combination with eye pads to secure them in place. 

Nichiban tape - a luxurious alternative to medical tape

One of the more sought-after types of tapes is the Nichiban tape. Nichiban tape is used by professionals all around the world, as its qualities are renowned far and wide. Nichiban tape is extremely delicate, almost unnoticeable on clients’ eyes, and does not irritate the skin. It is a universal choice, working perfectly with all skin types. Nichiban is made out of breathable polyolefin film, with the addition of a permeable acrylic adhesive, which makes the tape flexible as it reacts and adapts to every movement of the skin. You can be sure that Nichiban tape will not lose its grip during the treatment, as it is one of the strongest and most durable tapes available on the market, while also being one of the most delicate ones to the skin. It can also be used in combination with eye pads.

What products to use with tapes?

As we said before, tapes work perfectly in combination with eyepatches, as they hold them in spot and prevent them from moving too much. However, there is a whole arrangement of other products and accessories that can and should be used with tapes to further improve the quality of the treatment. Removers, cleaners, and primers are definitely some of these products, as they allow you to prepare your client properly for the treatment and make the effects more durable. A remover is applied to the client’s eyelashes before the treatment to remove any residues of previously used eyelash adhesive. After that, you should clean the eyelashes with a professional cleaner, removing any oil and dust particles. Finally, a primer is used to strengthen the effects of the treatment, allowing your client to enjoy perfect extensions for longer.

Noble Lashes - producer and supplier of premium cosmetic products

Here at Noble Lashes, we supply beauty salons all around Europe with products and accessories of the highest quality. Apart from medical tapes, you can find a large number of extensions at our store, of various types and colours. One of the most popular items in our offer are silk lashes, which provide an unparalleled level of softness and delicately reflect light, creating a glamorous, yet natural and believable effect. We also sell coloured lashes in a variety of colours, including our newest addition - glow in the dark eyelashes, with which your glamour will be visible even during the night. If you’re a beginner beautician, we recommend supplying yourself with training lashes, which you can use in order to practice your craft before moving on to your clients.  Noble Lashes also features a special series of Swarovski lashes, which include tiny Swarovski crystals, giving the extensions a unique design, perfect for wedding receptions and official parties. Make sure to browse through our full offer to find even more breathtaking eyelash designs to use in your salon!