Neicha Multi Pads Patches

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Neicha Multi Pads are perfect for securing the lower eyelashes during treatments.

Neicha silicone pads are designed specifically for sticking the lower eyelid when extending, henna, as well as lifting and lamination of the eyelashes. Their modern and economical formula allows for multiple use, thanks to which your client's skin will avoid irritation in the delicate areas of the skin under the eyes.

The pads are very easy to clean, thanks to thorough disinfection, they will serve their purpose for a long time. Multi Pads protect the eyelashes and the skin under the eyes from glue, as well as other cosmetics used during eyelash extensions or other treatments. The pads are reusable, one pair can be used in about a hundred applications.

In addition, Neicha Multi Pads do not stick together the lower eyelashes of the client and do not stick too much to the skin. We recommend washing them with warm soapy water. After using two-phase micellar fluid, they may slightly deform.