VETUS Tweezer OO - SA Eyelashes

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The Noble Lashes name comes hand in hand with quality—we are one of the most recognised beauty brands across Poland and Europe, and we have a reputation to match. We strive to stock quality products, and our Vetus Tweezer range OO-SA is a reflection of that.

For Both New Students and Experienced Stylists

These tweezers come in a few different varieties—straight or curved and are usually used by technicians to isolate a single eyelash of your client before an extension is applied, or to select the new lash extension before application, depending on the shape. These tweezers have been specifically designed to aid in the application of eyelash extensions by being delicate, thin, long and durable. These particular pairs are available in varying lengths and shapes, and all are made from stainless steel.
Tweezers are used in the trade to perform the tricky and precise movements that are required in order to apply the artificial eyelashes to a client's natural lashes. All of these tweezers have been ergonomically designed to accommodate such tasks and can be used in tandem with other Noble Lashes tools to ensure a stylist has everything they need to create a beautiful set of lashes and a happy client.
Durable and strong, these tweezers are sure to make a fine addition to your toolkit.