Perm Lotion SN Eyelash Lifting

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If you’re looking for an innovative eyelash treatment to introduce in your beauty salon, eyelash lifting may be the perfect choice for you. Eyelash extensions provide endless opportunities to improve a woman’s eyelashes, with a wide variety of types and sizes to fit all. However, not every woman will enjoy extensions, as some find wearing attachments uncomfortable in the long run. Moreover, extensions require a lot of care and maintenance to keep up their gorgeous appearance.

With some women having an allergic reaction to the eyelash adhesive used in the eyelash extension treatment, stylists and beauticians need to come up with alternative ways of improving their client’s lashes. Eyelash lifting is a very simple and effective treatment that makes the eyelashes appear healthier and gives them a desirable curl. Due to the use of nourishing ingredients, the treatment also improves the structure of the lashes, making them stronger and more durable - without any attachments!

Perm Lotion from SN Lift eyelash lifting set

Noble Lashes presents the SN Lift eyelash lifting kit, designed for use by professional stylists and beauticians. The set contains all of the substances and ingredients required to perform a high-quality eyelash lifting treatment. The treatment can be performed on women with all eyelash types, providing gorgeous results. The most noticeable change will be in women with straight eyelashes, as the procedure gives the eyelashes a beautiful curl and increases their thickness.

The Perm Lotion is a vital ingredient of the SN Lift eyelash lifting set. It is sold separately as a replacement for the one found included in the set and should only be used together with all of the other parts of the set. At Noble Lashes, you can easily find replacements for every substance from the SN Lift set - along with additional silicone pads of various sizes. If you happen to run out of any of the substances, simply order a replacement and continue providing your clients with gorgeous lifted eyelashes.

What is included in the SN Lift set?

Inside of the SN Lift set, you will find various substances used for eyelash lifting. This includes the SBA Keratin Up adhesive, Perm Lotion, Setting Lotion, Nourishing Lotion, as well as a set of silicone pads and a handy eyelash comb. When properly used, the SN Lift set provides gorgeous results that stay visible for up to 6 weeks. After the treatment, advise your clients to avoid water and steam for at least 24 hours after the procedure.