Removable inserts to the pigments mixer 10 pcs

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Removable inserts to the pigments mixer

Mixing pigments is extremely important when a beautician needs to find the right colour that will suit the client’s face. Every woman has her own potential and a good beauty salon needs to highlight her beauty. That’s why the right colour choice matters so much. It wouldn’t be an easy task to mix pigments without practical tools such as a pigment mixer. However, to keep it clean and functional, a stylist should regularly change inserts.

Every eyebrow stylist needs a pigment mixer, but sometimes faulty inserts may cause problems with reaching the chosen consistency of henna powder or henna gel. With our removable inserts to the pigment mixer, you will be able to follow mixing procedures with elegance and joy. They’re durable due to the solid materials they are made from and their shape guarantees achieving demanded results.

Facilitate mixing pigments with removable inserts by Noble Lashes

Do you use henna powder or henna gel? Maybe you usually work with PMU pigments, but it doesn’t matter. When you have a demanding client who needs professional treatment, you must bear in mind such aspects as her skin tone or hair colour. Then you need to be sure that the colour of henna you’ll achieve, will suit the client’s needs and preferences. With the help of our Removable inserts to the pigments mixer, you will be able to live up to the expectations of every woman in need.

Using a pigments mixer, a good stylist is capable of choosing the right tone and colour. Reaching the right consistency is also a necessary stage of preparing henna for colouring. Pigments mixers use inserts, which stylists remove once they are used up and install another one. Inserts made of high-quality material and specially shaped are necessary if you expect mixing to bring satisfying results. As soon as a henna mixture is prepared, the beautician may start applying it with a brush, for example by doing tapping strokes.

Noble Lashes offers your salon all necessities

At Noble Lashes we understand how important it is for every beauty salon to use proper equipment. Without it, a stylist may find it somewhat difficult to provide satisfying cosmetic treatments to clients. Noble Lashes offers you accessories that will facilitate your work so that you can enjoy it even more. We want to provide you not only with inserts to pigments mixers but also other tools that target the eyebrows and the eyelashes such as brushes, tweezers, eyelashes extensions and many more. Noble Lashes wants you to help your clients feel beautiful.