Nourishing Oil - Brow lamination Noble Brow

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Nourishing Oil from the Brow Lamination set is a product that moisturizes and nourishes natural hair. After using the product, eyebrows become strong, healthy and regenerated.

Our product also has a positive effect on the hair in the initial phase of growth, it additionally nourishes and strengthens it.

It helps with defects in natural hair, nourishes the skin, stimulates the hair bulbs and the growth of eyebrows.

Contains plant extracts and active fibrous protein that actively contribute to the healthy condition of the eyebrows.



Apply Nourishing Oil on the eyebrows and leave it on for at least 2 hours.


The Nourishing Oil product is the fourth step in the Noble Brow eyebrow lamination kit.

It can also be exclusive as a standalone medicinal product.


INCI: Plant essence extract; High firillary active protein

Nourishing Oil - Brow lamination Noble Brow

Who doesn't love healthy and thick brows? Thick eyebrows are now the new normal, gone are the days of thin brows, you can see many Instagram bloggers and celebrities adopting thick eyebrow styles, but not all have thick eyebrows. Then what can you do? Nourishing Oil - Brow lamination Noble Brow is your solution. The new series or brand by Noble lashes are set to help you make your eyebrows look amazing and healthy.

As the name suggests, the nourishing oil will give softness, strength, nourishment, shine, and health to eyebrows in the most natural and effective way. You can make your eyebrows not only look gorgeous for styling but also healthy by stimulating hair growth and hair bulbs with nourishing oil.

The oil has been made with ingredients extracted from plants and active fibrous protein that contribute to hair health and stimulate growth. Easy to use, the nourishing oil is part of an eyebrow lamination kit that you can use to make amazing eyebrow styles. Check out the product details, follow all instructions, and you are all set to make your eyebrows gorgeous. You can either use it as part of the laminated eyebrow process or as a stand-alone product, it's suitable both ways. You can use it regularly for healthy brow hair.

One of the beauty products at Noble lashes available in premium quality at the best price is perfect for your eyebrows. Make the most out of your eyebrows with nourishing oil and boost strength and shine to style in new ways.