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The professional Fixing Lotion preparation contains substances that rebuild the structure of the natural hair. It helps to give and fix the perfect shape of the eyebrows during the lamination treatment.

The product and Lamination Lotion work together to deeply nourish and care for eyebrows.

The lamination treatment was created not only to arrange the natural hair in the desired shape, but its task is also to care for and nourish the eyebrows.

By choosing products from the Brow Lamination set of Noble Brow, you guarantee the customer the highest quality of the effect.

We recommend using an osmotic foil together with Fixing Lotion, it will additionally enhance the obtained effect.



Apply Fixing lotion and cover with osmotic foil for about 5-8 minutes. Remove with dry cotton stick.


INCI: Water; Plant extract; Propylene glycol; Protein; Essence


Fixing Lotion - Brow lamination Noble Brow

The Fixing Lotion's function is to close the cuticle and permanently fix the altered form of the lash or brow. Mending Lotion from the Brow Lamination kit from Noble Lashes is a great treatment for both lash lifting and brow fixing. There are even 2-in-1 brow fusion and eyelash extension kits offered, allowing you to utilise the same product for a combined treatment that takes a little over an hour.

Since eyelashes and eyebrows are not the same, it's critical to use the Brow Lift fixing lotion rather than the Lash Lift fixing lotion. If you use a lotion that wasn't designed expressly for brows, you can end up with less-than-ideal outcomes. The Fixing Lotion from the Brow Lamination kit is what you'll need. It was built with skin protection in mind, unlike any Eyelash extension fixing lotion that is not intended for direct skin contact. In other words, this ointment has been fine-tuned to produce exceptional benefits for brows.

Noble Brow's fixing lotion is designed to shape your brows for a thicker, fuller, and neater appearance. With that in mind, the next five actions are required. To begin, use the lift lotion to soften the keratin in the hair, which will allow you to manipulate and reshape the brow. Then you'll need to fill in the gaps and blend the colours. The new brow curve is fixed with a Brow Lift fixing cream. Finally, the total care nourishing lotion hydrates and repairs the skin while reinforcing the brow and fixing the cuticle.