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Fixing Lotion from Brow Lamination set

The professional Fixing Lotion preparation contains substances that rebuild the structure of the natural hair. It helps to give and fix the perfect shape of the eyebrows during the lamination treatment.

The product and Lamination Lotion work together to deeply nourish and care for eyebrows.

The lamination treatment was created not only to arrange the natural hair in the desired shape, but its task is also to care for and nourish the eyebrows.

By choosing products from the Brow Lamination set, you guarantee the customer the highest quality of the effect.

We recommend using an osmotic foil together with Fixing Lotion, it will additionally enhance the obtained effect.



Apply Fixing lotion and cover with osmotic foil for about 5-8 minutes. Remove with dry cotton stick.


INCI: Water; Plant extract; Propylene glycol; Protein; Essence