BIO Lash Cleanser With Rosemery For Extension Treatment

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Noble Lashes are proud to present our Lash BIO cleaners, part of our BIO line of products. These liquids are used to cleanse and prep eyelash areas prior to treatment. This particular cleaner comes with rosemary.

BIO Lash Cleaners: The Professionals Choice

Our range of BIO cleaners contains 99% natural ingredients: a proud testament to Noble Lashes dedication to creating high performance formulas alongside environmental awareness.

The Lash BIO Cleaners are specially crafted formulas which have been designed not only to clean lashes, but to strengthen and heal them. These versatile formulas are packed full of incredible ingredients to help cover a large range of clients and their needs. Your clients can rest easy with the knowledge that you are using the best possible products that have been specially created by our team of experts to nurture their eyelashes.

Formula Infused With Rosemary

Rosemary has been known for centuries to possess unique properties for skin and hair. Rosemary extract is a rich source of antioxidants and an anti-inflammatory, gently preventing skin irritation and reducing swelling and puffiness. In fact, rosemary oil has been shown to improve hair health by increasing the growth of new hair and stimulating scalp circulation.

Noble Lashes are committed to using only the highest quality ingredients in our formulas, taking self-care and luxury to another level. Specifically selected to nurture your clients lashes, they are sure to notice a difference when they experience our range of products.

How to use:

Apply the cleaner to clean eyelashes. Apply with micro brushes.

Made in Poland
100% vegan
100% cruelty-free
Capacity: 10ml