Regular makeup can easily take hours, especially if you have a really important event you have to get ready for. Doing your eyebrows and eyelashes the regular way will surely grant you a glamorous look, but you can’t always afford to spend the time doing so. There is also permanent makeup and eyebrow microblading, but that’s quite a commitment, as it can stay up for well over a year. While permanent makeup looks great and is very efficient, in some situations you may not want to wear makeup. If that’s the case in your situation, henna eyelash tint may be the perfect solution for you. Eyelash and eyebrow tinting with henna is a relatively simple treatment, which can be done both by a professional at a salon, as well as by a beginner at home. 

What are the benefits of tinting?

Tinting allows you to keep a gorgeous look for a couple of weeks, relieving you of the chore of having to paint your brows and lashes yourself every time. Moreover, since henna is not permanent, you don’t have to worry about not being able to remove or change your look for long periods of time. Noble Lashes provides the best available eyelash and eyebrow tinting products on the market. We care about the quality of our products, which is why we don’t stint on development and production. We take every measure possible to ensure you have a great experience using our cosmetics and accessories, all of which have been rigorously tested to be as safe as possible.

What is henna?

Henna has been in use since the ancient times as a dye, applied mainly to the skin, but also fabrics. The pigment actually comes from leaves of the henna plant, very popular in the East. While on its own the leaves won’t dye your skin, they will after they are dried and crushed into powder. The powder is then often mixed with water or other liquids, depending on the country you’re in. Some countries even use lemon juice in combination with henna powder! Sometimes, sugar is also added to the mixture to make it stick better to the skin. After mixing, the dye must rest for up to two days, after which it can be applied to make intricate patterns. It can be applied with a number of appliances, depending on where you want it. If you want a henna tattoo, you will usually use a simple brush. Some cultures, however, use sticks, or even syringes, to apply henna. When it comes to eyebrows and eyelashes, brushes are used, similar to those used to apply regular makeup or mascara. You can find professional henna brushes at Noble Lashes, as we put time and effort to make sure our products are up to every standard. Noble Lashes offers a selection of different types of brushes, including Spoolie Brow Brush, Angled Brush for Brow Henna, BH Brow Henna No. 4, and fan brushes. 

What is eyelash tinting?

While eyebrow tinting with henna is quite popular among women around the world, henna eyelash tint is still a relatively new technique, unpractised by many beauty salons. If you’re bored with your plain mascara, eyelash tinting might just be the thing you’re looking for in your beauty routine. This procedure will allow you to easily highlight your eyebrows, giving them a luscious, sophisticated appearance. Moreover, it won’t wash down with water and you don’t have to clean it up whenever you’re going to sleep. At Noble Lashes, we use the best quality RefectoCil brand dye for eyelashes, which comes in a gel form and is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is apply the gel on your eyebrows and wait for the magic to happen. The best part about the RefectoCil gel eyelash dye is that it does not stain skin, which means that you don’t have to worry about your eyelids catching some colour when applying the dye. Noble Lashes offers the RefectoCil dye in a variety of colours, developed to match the hair colour and complexion of all women. In addition to RefectoCil dyes, you can find BrowXenna brand products at our shop, including a wide selection of henna dye colours to choose from. Furthermore, we offer an arrangement of fixing tonics, pastes, conditioner oils, shampoos, and professional dyeing threads. We also provide a choice of other cosmetics and accessories, including eyelashes, removers, cleansers, primers, and skincare products.

Can I dye my eyebrows at home?

While it is always recommended to do your beauty treatments at a professional beauty salon, or to visit an expert stylist, we understand that not everyone can afford an expensive visit every couple of weeks. However, henna can be easily applied at home and does not require any expensive equipment. Noble Lashes provides the necessary accessories and dyes for both beginners and professionals, and one of our most popular products is the BrowXenna Oxygen O2 Smart Coloring System Kit, which includes all the ingredients for a perfect treatment. The dyes won’t irritate your skin and are easy to apply, with over a thousand available colour combinations you can make out of the four basic shades. The kit contains a set of four dyes (Black, Warm Walnut, Graphite, and Brown), a professional BrowXenna OXYGEN O2 clear shade diluter, cream activator, a FixTone fluid-tone stabilizer, and a dye remover. 

Are there dyes for both eyelashes and eyebrows?

Yes! BrowXenna dyes can also be used to dye your eyelashes. These dyes are extremely easy to use. After you create the colour of your choice by mixing the dyes and clear shade diluter, make sure to clean your brows or lashes with makeup remover (you can find the best makeup removers in our Removers category). When your eyelashes and eyebrows are clean, you are ready for application. Carefully read the instructions attached to the box and follow them. If for some reason you are unhappy with the result, use the henna remover to correct any flaws. 

Is lash and brow tinting for me?

Absolutely! Henna tinting is a safe and tested procedure, open to everyone. If you’re concerned about your health, carefully read through the manual and usage instructions that come with the product. Our high-quality eyelash and eyebrow dyes do not irritate your skin and are safe for your eyes. Moreover, henna does not invoke an allergic reaction, which is usually a no-go for many people who would want to have permanent makeup. There are also upsides to henna tinting, as some of the substances in the dye will make the structure of your lashes and brows healthier and stronger. 

Tinting tips

When applying the dyes, make sure not to leave the gel too long on your hair, as it may turn them too dark. This may destroy your whole look, and while henna is not permanent, it can still take a couple of weeks for it to wash off if you don’t have a remover.  Usually, a henna treatment will satisfy your makeup needs for 2 to 4 weeks, depending on your complexion. If you have a dryer skin type, you may expect henna to last a bit longer. If your complexion is oily, on the other hand, the effect may last shorter. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about water and high temperature ruining your look, as is the case with regular makeup. You can go to the local swimming pool or a comfy sauna whenever you feel like it, and your brows and lashes will look as perfect as the moment you applied the dye!

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