After Care Kit for eyelash extensions

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Professional Noble Lashes after care kit


After care kit was developed by Noble Lashes brand specialists, thanks to which your client will be able to properly take care of extended lashes and extend the durability of the application.

The after care kit is the perfect gift after the eyelash extension treatment, the beautiful box contains the Noble Lashes care accessories.

By purchasing a set you save 40%!

In the kit you will find:

- foam container

- lash & brow shampoo

- brush for eyelash cleaning

- 3x mascara wands

- recommendations for the client after eyelash application

- an elegant box


How to make a shampoo? It is easy: Dissolve shampoo in water, pour into a Noble Lashes foam container and mix thoroughly. Ready shampoo can be used both in daily care and in the beauty salon, during the preparation of eyelashes for the treatment.