Cosmetic head Grazyna for eyelash training. Grazyna has replaceable eyes with eyelashes, you can use them many times.

Professional cosmetic head Grazyna

The cosmetic head Grazyna for exercises allows you to practice eyelash application.

It has replaceable eyes with eyelashes, thanks to it, you can use them many times. Eyes with eyelashes are reusable, after application you can easily remove extended eyelashes with a remover.

The Grazyna head has been created for beginners, practice your skills and refine your workshop.

The Grazyna training head with replaceable eyes and eyelashes is perfect for training and exercising at home.

The set has one pair of eyes with eyelashes and lips.

The replaceable eyes with eyelashes have been designed to imitate the client's natural eyelashes. They have different lengths and three rows.

You can buy additional eyes with eyelashes for Grazyna head on our website.

You can also find a Premium training set with a training Grazyna head and additional pairs of eyes.


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