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If you ever played with false eyelashes, you will probably already know, that there are dozens of different types. There are Russian Volume Lashes, Eco Volume Lashes, Cashmere Lashes, natural lashes, and many more. The type of lashes we want to recommend you today is mink lashes, which are one of the most popular choices when it comes to false eyelashes as of late. Both individual makeup enthusiasts and professional beauty salons alike choose mink eyelashes, due to their gorgeous look and silky soft texture. Noble Lashes offers high-quality mink lashes, developed safely without the involvement of any real animals, all at an affordable price and available in various types and sizes.

Are mink lashes made out of real animal fur?

All of our mink lashes at Noble Lashes are synthetic, made out of a replacement material that perfectly mimics the fur of a Siberian mink. No animals are harmed during the production of our eyelashes, making them environmentally safe. Noble Lashes firmly believes in protecting our diverse ecosystems, and thus does not contribute to the cruel process that is using real mink fur for eyelashes. Even though using natural fur for eyelashes used to be a standard procedure, we have long since replaced all of our eyelashes with synthetic replacements. Our artificial mink lashes are not only just as glamorous as the real Siberian mink fur, but also more affordable and better for the environment.

Should I switch to artificial mink lashes if I’m using real ones?

Absolutely! If you care for the environment and want to contribute to making the world a better place for all of us, we fully recommend switching to artificial, synthetic eyelashes if you’re still using natural ones. The artificial mink lashesare just as good when it comes to quality as the natural ones, if not better. They are, moreover, cheaper to produce, which makes them more affordable to the clients. Many clients decide not to use the services of a beauty salon or a stylist that uses natural fur eyelashes, thus switching to synthetic lashes will undoubtedly give you the gratitude of your customers. Switching to green solutions, such as natural eyelash replacements, will not only benefit the environment but also boost your business. More and more customers do their research before they use the services of any beauty salon, and eco-friendliness is a very important aspect, that often dictates whether they are going to recommend to their friends or not.

What are the benefits of mink lashes?

All of the mink lashes sold by Noble Lashes have been designed to perfectly substitute real Siberian mink fur, allowing you to enjoy beautiful eyelashes without hurting any animals in the process. Mink lashes provide a natural, very authentic effect, far more believable than regular artificial eyelashes. The lashes are also made to be very universal, as the look they will give you is very subtle. You can wear the lashes for major events, such as weddings and official parties, but also use them on a daily basis when going to work or school. Some lashes will give you an over-the-top look, but mink lashes are much milder than that – they blend in perfectly with your natural eyelashes. They are also extremely soft and light, so you won’t even feel them there. Finally, they slightly reflect the light, giving them a nice shine, which gives you a sophisticated, glamorous vibe. All of these reasons are why mink lashes have gained so much popularity in recent years.

Noble Lashes – a premium supplier of mink lashes

At Noble Lashes, we care both about our clients and our environment. We have changed all of our products to reflect the worldview we believe in. This is why you will not find any eyelashes created from real fur in our shop, as we believe this to be cruel and unnecessary. Help us change the world bit by bit by choosing eco-friendly mink lashes available at our shop, which have gone through rigorous testing and quality control to ensure the best makeup experience for our customers. We provide a variety of types and sizes of our mink lashes, including a unique MIX palette, which is composed of lashes of varying lengths, allowing you to mix and match the lashes to specific clients. We supply both professional beauticians, as well as individual clients, who wish to use the lashes on themselves. Moreover, we offer a wide selection of other beauty articles, from which you can complete your own collection. Apart from eyelashes, we offer you quality mascaras, henna dyes for eyelash and eyebrow tinting, semi-permanent makeup products, and more!

How to properly care for mink lashes?

You should know that since mink lashes are thin and soft to achieve their glamorous appearance, they are also a bit more fragile than your regular false eyelashes. You will need to handle them with care, especially when working on clients. We recommend using professional cleaners and primers, which you can find at Noble Lashes. It is also important to use a suitable pair of tweezers when applying mink lashes. We recommend one of our precision tweezers, designed to provide unparalleled accuracy when attaching individual lashes. Precision tweezers will allow you to apply mink eyelashes with ease and comfort, and your customers will be undoubtedly happy about the results of their treatment.


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Nobel Lashes is a premium supplier of all kinds of beauty products, from eyelashes to training courses. If you’re a professional business owner, you may be interested in our bulk eyelashes or other large quantities of beauty products, perfect to supply your salon. We also offer a number of promotional materials, including posters and paper surveys, which can be filled out by your customers. The surveys will give you more knowledge about the preferences of your clients, what they like and dislike, and provide you with insight on limitations due to health reasons. For our individual clients, we offer a wide range of retail quantity products, including removers, primers, cleaners, tweezers, lamps, cosmetic cases, and more!

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Apart from our selection of premium beauty products, we also provide training courses that will educate you on proper health regulations and techniques for applying beauty products. A lot of professional treatments, such as microblading and other types of permanent makeup, require a finished course and a license to practice on your clients. These are immensely popular and adding them to your salon’s offer will tremendously increase your sales. You do not have to be a professional stylist, however, to educate yourself. Many famous beauticians began as enthusiasts, who simply wanted to know more about the proper application of makeup. The instructors at Noble Lashes have years of experience in applying makeup and training beginners, so you can be sure you’re in good hands. We invite you to browse our selection of courses, and maybe you will find something of interest to you!