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If you’ve ever gotten an eyelash extension treatment, you already know what the fuss is all about. Extensions allow women to enjoy long, thick, and beautiful lashes full of volume, even if their natural ones are fragile and thin. Many women consider it unthinkable to go to any social event without first visiting a beauty salon and having their eyelashes done. They are comfortable, easy to care for, and affordable, ranking among the most money-saving beauty treatments available on the market. They are also quite long-lasting, as a professional pair of eyelash extensions can easily last you up to a month, or sometimes even longer. If you’re looking for something even more captivating, we would like to present to you our Brown Line lashes.

Brown Line lashes – a luscious alternative to black eyelashes

While the most popular type of eyelash extensions are undoubtedly regular black eyelashes, there is a wide variety when it comes to the colour of the hairs. One of such colours is brown, featured in our Brown Line lashes, which comes in especially handy for women who want to maintain a natural look while highlighting their eyes. On women with a very light complexion and blonde hair, black eyelash extensions may look a little out of place, especially if their natural eyelash colour is different. Brown Line lashes are the perfect solution to that problem, maintaining the volume increase and sophistication of regular eyelashes, but sporting a different colour. These gorgeous brown lashes will allow you to feel invigorated, as the light synthetic hairs are extremely delicate, yet durable.

Looking for a new addition to your beauty salon? Choose Brown Line lashes!

Whether you’re an aspiring stylist or an experienced beauty salon owner, Brown Line lashes will surely prove to be an excellent addition to your offer. Developed by Noble Lashes, the Brown Line lashes are state-of-the-art eyelash extensions. The individual eyelashes are packaged with the use of a delicate, but solid adhesive, which will allow you to easily make bundles for volumetric methods of application, including 2D to 5D. Moreover, the lashes have been created using the newest Clean Peel technology, which ensures comfort and ease of application, making the lashes very accessible to beginner beauticians. You don’t have to worry about any glue residue sticking to the eyelashes – Brown Line lashesare easy to remove from the box and are ready for application. 

What types of Brown Line lashes are available?

Most importantly - our Brown Line Lashes are available in two colours - Brown and Black Brown. These are further divided into different kinds. Noble Lashes features a range of models of Brown Line lashes. In our offer, you will find eyelash extensions of various length, thickness, and curl type. When it comes to the Brown Line lashes, you can choose between curl types C and D, which are two of the most popular types. When it comes to the thickness of the eyelashes, we provide palettes of 0,05 mm, 0,07 mm, 0,10 mm, and 0,15 mm, depending on your needs. Our Brown Line lashes are available in a mix of lengths. If you choose a single length, you will receive 12 rows of gorgeous eyelash extensions. However, our MIX palettes, which contain a mixture of lengths between 6 mm and 13 mm, feature 13 rows of eyelashes, making it even more affordable! MIX palettes are especially useful for beginner stylists, as they won’t have to buy individual palettes of every length.

How do I apply Brown Line lashes?

The application process of our Brown Line lashes is pretty standard. Apply them the same way you would apply other eyelash extensions, the technique depending on whether you’d be using a 1:1 method or a method that utilizes more artificial lashes per single natural one. Whichever case it is, you will need a good quality cleaner and primer, which are essential to prepare your client for the treatment. You should also always use a good remover to get rid of any residual eyelash adhesive from your client’s previous treatment. When treating your clients, always remember that they should feel comfortable during the procedure. Make sure they have a comfy place to sit, and that you’re as delicate as possible. Use of premium cosmetics will also make your clients feel more safe and relaxed, which will undoubtedly influence their opinion of your salon!

How to improve my sales?

If you’re a beginner beautician struggling with attracting new customers, let us give you a few tips. First of all, make sure that the offer of your salon is varied – clients are very diverse and won’t choose your services if you don’t offer the type of treatment they’re looking for. Moreover, clients quickly get bored with the same treatment over and over again, so introducing some new ones might persuade them to continue using your salon. If you need some additional supplies to promote your business, Noble Lashes provides a range of promotional materials, which include posters, informational pamphlets, and other accessories to display at your salon. We also sell professional surveys, which you should always provide to your clients to establish any contraindications for the treatments.

Can I open my own beauty salon?

Of course! If you’re a beginner stylist who is looking to gain more experience in the craft, Noble Lashes offers expert-level training courses that will allow you to hone your skills and gain some new ones. Many cosmetic treatments require a licence and certificates to perform on your clients, which you can gain by finishing one of the many courses organised by Noble Lashes. Our knowledgeable stylists will guide you through the process of applying even the most difficult treatments. The courses are divided into two parts – theoretical one, during which you will learn about the details of a given treatment, and practical, which will test how well you can apply your knowledge. With our teachers’ approval and a brand-new certificate, you will be free to start your own practice. For beginners, we recommend our special starter kits, catered specifically for aspiring beauticians. The starter kits are affordable and contain anything you might need during your first days of business. To hone your skills further and further, we recommend the training kit to practice on in free time!

Noble Lashes – producer and seller of premium beauty supplies

Apart from just Brown Line lashes, Noble Lashes features a whole range of different beauty products, including many other types of eyelashes. On our website, you will be able to find the Eco Volume Lashes, Russian Volume Lashes, Flat Cashmire Lashes, Mink Lashes, and many more. All of those also include their own models and sub-types. But we do not limit ourselves just to eyelash extensions! On the contrary – we provide an arrangement of other beauty products, including adhesives, accessories, applicators, skincare products, and many more. We also provide supplies for permanent makeup, such as microblading blades and pens or henna tinting tools. Since cleanliness is a very important factor of every beauty salon, we also provide professional, industrial-grade disinfection supplies.