Mini Cooli Lash Fan for Eyelash Extensions

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Mini Cooli Lash Fan

Do you want to speed up your glue drying time? Do you want to reduce the fumes during the treatment? Noble Lashes Mini Cooli Lash Fan is perfect for you.

This elegant, compact and handy lash fan allows you to make the lash treatment even more pleasant for your clients.

Designed with lash stylists and super easy to use.  It makes nice and pleasant breeze on the client skin.

  • Helps to remove glue fumes
  • Helps to set glue in seconds
  • Perfect and stylish alternative to air blower
  • Durable usage
  • Quiet performance


Please remove a protective sheet between batteries before first use.

Easy to use for every lash stylist. No screwdrivers needed.

Batteries included.