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If your clients are looking for something more permanent than makeup, yet not as permanent as microblading or henna tinting, eyelash extensions are the perfect choice of treatments for them. False eyelashes bring a lot of comfort to women all over the world, as they alleviate the need to spend hours upon hours applying makeup every day. Eyelash extensions, when done properly, can easily last for a couple of weeks. Some types even last as long as a month, but most clients usually decide to come back for another treatment every two weeks to retain the effects. One of the types of eyelash extensions are L lashes, which are especially soft and silky, perfect for a dramatic look.

L lashes – what are they?

If what you’re looking for is a look straight from Hollywood, L lashes are definitely what you’re searching for. L lashes are famous all over the world for their unmatchable softness and a gorgeous shine, which creates a magnificent effect without putting too much strain on your client’s eyes. In fact, one of the many upsides of L lashes is their lightweight structure, which lays lightly on natural eyelashes. Unless your eyelashes are especially brittle and fragile, you won’t even feel they are there. Noble Lashes offers a variety of models of L lashes, which differ from each other in length and curl type. Our handy eyelash palettes contain eyelashes of lengths between 5 mm and 14 mm, which are the most common lengths used by stylists. We also feature palettes with mixed types of L lashes, which are especially useful for beginner stylists who do not want to overspend on bulk amounts.

What are the specific curl types?

Apart from L lashes, there are also a couple of other eyelash curl types that every professional stylist should be familiar with. The first and most natural curl type is J curl, which features the least amount of lift. These are not used very often, as most clients want something more spectacular. Only the most conservative clients ask for a J curl, but it does work if your client’s eyelashes have an unnatural shape. The second type is B curl, which is a very simple curl, usually worn by women on a daily basis. The C curl is one of the most popular curl types, as its versatility allows it to be used both for casual events and formal occasions. D curl provides a large amount of lift and a glamorous curve, proving perfect for a dramatic effect. Finally, the L curl provides a unique shape of the eyelash, which resembles the letter “L”.

Does Noble Lashes feature eyelashes made from natural fur?

Noble Lashes has joined the countless other suppliers who have removed any natural eyelashes from their offer. We firmly believe that every single one of us has to care for the environment in their own way, and substituting natural materials with synthetic ones is our way of doing just that. Our synthetic eyelashes do not lack in quality when compared to natural fur eyelashes. What’s more, our synthetic lashes provide an even better effect than natural ones. We provide a number of synthetic eyelash replacements for what used to be natural products. One of those products is the eyelash extension line Mink Express, which is just as soft and silky smooth as real mink fur. Our Russian Volume lashes are perfect for methods that aim to increase the volume of your clients’ eyelashes, including techniques from 2D to 5D. We also recommend checking out the Flat Cashmire line of eyelashes, which have an innovative flat structure, allowing them to remain light as a feather while providing immense volume.

How to prepare for an eyelash extension treatment?

As a client, you do not have to prepare much for the treatment, no matter whether you will be getting L lashes or other lash types. The best thing you can do is carefully remove any leftover makeup with a quality makeup remover to make your stylist’s work easier. As a stylist, there is a number of things you need to prepare before you even begin the treatment. First of all, you should survey your client to find out if any contraindications might prevent her from getting eyelash extensions. Some of the most important things to find out are whether or not your client has any eye illnesses or skin diseases. Furthermore, you will be required to disinfect any surfaces and tools you are going to use, as well as clean your hands. Noble Lashes offers a number of disinfection supplies that have been crafted to be used in professional environments. You should also take care of the comfort of your client and the atmosphere in your salon, as some treatments can take even a couple of hours.

A step by step guide to eyelash extensions

If you’re a beginner stylist not sure how to proceed with applying L lashes or other types of eyelash extensions, the treatment is actually really simple and easy to do. The first thing you will want to do is remove any leftover makeup on your client’s face, even if they have done it themselves. Use a cleaner to properly clean the eyelashes and a primer to prepare them for the treatment. Remember to use cosmetic tape or eye pads to separate upper and lower lashes. We also recommend you use an eyelash comb before you begin. After that, you are ready to begin applying the eyelash extensions with the use of precision tweezers. Use small amounts of eyelash adhesive, which you can hold at hand with the use of a glue ring that’s available in our offer. After you’re finished with the treatment, comb your client’s eyelashes again and remove the eye pads.

Noble Lashes supplies professional beauty salons and individual clients alike!

Even though we develop our products with business quality in mind, we also cater to individual clients. Most of our products are available in wholesale and small quantities. If you’re a beginner stylist, you may want to look at our MIX type palettes of false eyelashes. These packagings mix and match different types of eyelashes with varying lengths, thickness level, and curl type. This allows you to easily diversify your collection, without having to buy every single type of eyelashes in bulk quantities. It is also a perfect solution for door-to-door beauticians, as just a single palette can fit many different clients and you won’t have to carry with you a ton of supplies. 

Noble Lashes – more than just eyelashes

Apart from our impressive selection of false eyelashes and eyelash extensions, we also provide an arrangement of other beauty products. We feature premium eyelash care cosmetics, including cleansers, primers, removers, and special conditioners which revitalize your eyelashes. Furthermore, we offer a number of accessories that come in useful for any beauty salon, such as various types of tweezers, cosmetic lamps, care products, mascara wands, applicators, and more. We also have in stock supplies for microblading and henna tinting, as well as semi-permanent mascaras. Since disinfection is a crucial part of any beauty treatment, you will find premium cleaning supplies and disinfectants in our stock.

Avaliable in L, LC and LD curls.

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    L curl lashes

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    The best L curl

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    Posted by Natalia on 7th Oct 2021

    Amazing and great quality of lashes. They are easy to create lash fans. I love them xx