What lash lamp should I buy?

What lash lamp should I buy?

1st Jun 2021

If you want to be a professional eyelash stylist, false lashes, glues and small tools cover only a tiny part of what is needed. One of the biggest investments that you have to make at the beginning is a lash bed and a lamp. To provide high quality services you will need plenty of light. Why is that so important? What lamps are the best for a beauty salon? What temperature of light would be the best?

Choosing the best lighting for lash extension

If you are just a beginner, proper lighting for lash extensions can save you time and effort. It will also have a positive impact on your clients – the ideal light should not irritate the eyes and should create a pleasant atmosphere with the maximum visibility.

Tip 1: Select natural light lamps

Working in natural light is a convenience that for many of us is simply unobtainable. Most beauty salons are located in blocks of flats or malls, where natural sunlight is not present at all. The benefits of natural light are many, and the most important of them is that it doesn’t irritate the eyes and enables you to see true colours. The job of a lash artist requires big precision so it is important to create working conditions that will enable you to spend long hours in the salon without being tired. The best solution to fight fatigue is to install lighting that will mimic natural light. This can be obtained through the use of special lash lamps equipped with LED diodes generating natural light.

Tip 2: Go for adjustable lamps

An adjustable LED lamp for eyelash extension with natural light is a must in each professional lash salon. Such a lash lamp can make you change the position of the diodes, allowing to adjust the brightness and intensity of the light. Depending on your needs, you may choose among single or double lamps. Many of them are portable, which means that you can use them wherever you want. The ideal lash lamp should also be flexible enough to illuminate each part of the client’s face. It should have a long goose neck and multiple light intensity options to choose from. Professional lash lamps feature a double function: they can be used during lash extension procedures as well as afterwards to take photos of the applied eyelashes.

Tip 3: Adjust it to your needs

Don’t forget that the choice of a lash lamp should primarily reflect your needs. If you apply eyelashes in different places, opt for a portable LED lamp that you can take with you anywhere you go. This solution is a real must-have if you are a mobile lash artist and make extensions at your clients’ homes. If you work mostly in a salon, you may go for a lamp that will be fixed to a wall. However, remember that it should have a long and flexible gooseneck. If it is difficult for you to make a choice, you can experiment with different types of lamps that you can easily install on a special clamp that can be mounted on the edge of the table.

Tip 4: Don’t limit yourself

Many novice lash artists make one simple mistake – buy one lamp with poor adjustment options. If you want to be and feel like a professional beautician, you will either need a lamp that can provide you with different levels of intensity and modes or a few lamps that will satisfy all your needs. If you go for the latter, apart from a standard lash lamp you may need a small telephone lamp. Such a small light source will allow you to take perfect photos of your clients that you can post on social media or your website.

The all-purpose lash lamps

The ideal lash lamp should be flexible and adjustable. It should also allow you to control the intensity of the light so you can apply lashes with great precision. The best example of an all-purpose lash lamp is the Glamour Revolution X Lamp which provides super bright and clear light. It features a modern design and can surely find its place in each beauty salon. The long gooseneck stems allow for the free configuration of the position of the diodes so you can reach each spot. It is equipped with a functional power button located on the top of the arm. The lamp can be put in an aluminium telescopic stand that is included by the manufacturer. It also has two lamp protectors and an elegant case. The lamp has 335 LED diodes and offers five stage touch dimming.

In search of a less expensive alternative

The Glamour Revolution X Lamp is an investment that will certainly pay off in the future. However, if you are searching for a less expensive solution, you can go for the regular Glamour Lamp. This is a professional lamp with 120 LED diodes. It offers 5 light levels and provides you with clear HD daylight. You can also select a standard lamp that can be mounted on a tabletop. Such lamps can prove to be useful in eyelash extensions as well as manicures. They look really neat and the majority of them can be used with replaceable LED SMD diodes.

If you are still unsure about which lash lamp is the best for you, think of your needs and try to find the solution that will make your work more comfortable and pleasant. Remember that good-quality light can boost your productivity and extend your energy!