Pure Lash & Brow professional eyelash shampoo

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Pure Lash & Brow professional eyelash shampoo


Pure Lash & Brow eyelash shampoo deeply nourishes and cares for natural and extended eyelashes or brows.

Contains tea tree oil, keratin and oat extract.

Noble Lashes shampoo is also safe for sensitive eyes - it does not contain parabens or SLES.

Recommended for brow and eyelash extensions care.

Directions for use: Dissolve shampoo in water, pour into a Noble Lashes foam container and mix thoroughly. Ready shampoo can be used both in daily care and in the beauty salon, during the preparation of eyelashes for the treatment.


Pure Lash & Brow by Noble Lashes as part of a daily routine

Not only can Pure Lash & Brow shampoo be used before an eyelash extension treatment to improve your results, but it can also be used by clients themselves at home as a part of the daily lash care routine. When used every day, Pure Lash & Brow regenerates and protects the natural eyelashes, deeply strengthening their roots and preventing them from falling off too easily. Pure Lash & Brow makes a perfect after-treatment gift to your clients, allowing them to care for their eyelashes at home.

Capacity 3ml