Folded ruler, rule for symmetry of eyebrows

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Choose our Folded ruler for symmetry of eyebrows


Thanks to our folded ruler, you will easily determine appropriate arrangement of eyebrows.

According to the golden ratio principle, the relation of a smaller part to a greater part is the same as of a greater part to the whole.


Noble Brow ruler allows a precise measurement and drawing of eyebrows.

Made of plastic, easy to clean.

Irreplaceable for beginner eyebrow stylists and permanent makeup artists.


Folded ruler, ruler for symmetry of eyebrows

Every brow artist strives to give their clients the most beautiful and symmetrical brows possible. But this isn't simple; in fact, it'll never be perfectly symmetrical. This has to deal with the facial bone structure. One side of the face is usually slightly higher than the other. We offer the right tool to assist you to make your brows as symmetrical as possible. The folded ruler for symmetry of eyebrows is an eyebrow ruler made by Noble Brow series of Noble lashes, that is used to ensure that your brows are symmetrical.

The Noble Brow of Noble lashes manufactured a brow ruler that is very flexible and constructed of plastic, allowing you to bend it to your client's face. All facial forms can benefit from the use of the brow ruler. You can use the ruler to measure the length of the brows and the distances between them. The golden section measurement system is used by the brow ruler. It is described as follows, according to LiveScience, phi is the name of the golden sector. These two pieces have the same proportions as the overall stick to the larger part. The number that results will be close to 1.618. If it falls within the aforesaid range, the brows will be perfectly proportioned.

Do you still find it difficult to use the brow ruler to produce the right form for Henna Brows? Then brow mapping might be beneficial. If you use the Noble lashes eyebrow ruler to measure your brows, then connect all of the lines with brow paste, and you'll get the correct form. This not only eliminates the possibility of little mistakes but also assures that you just need to use henna to fill in the brows.