Bulk eyelashes

Eyelashes are perhaps the most popular makeup item sold in stores all around the world. Not only do they enhance the looks of natural eyelashes, but they also have a positive impact on them, as they reduce the exposure that your natural eyelashes get. Moreover, they can be easily worn without having to put other makeup on, making them an easy and comfortable choice when in a hurry. False eyelashes bring out the shape of your eyes, making them the focal point of your face, which in turn makes any imperfection seems less noticeable. Here at Noble Lashes, we put care and time into the development and creation of our products, so you can enjoy the makeup of your dreams. We produce a wide range of tools and necessities for services, including eyelash extensions, eyelash lamination, microblading, and eyelash lifts. For the whole collection of our products, make sure to check our online offer, featuring cosmetic products of all sorts.

Types of bulk eyelashes

Whenever women feel dissatisfied with the look of their natural eyelashes due to, for example, age or incorrect care, eyelash extensions are there to save the day. The treatment will allow any women to enjoy beautiful, authentic-looking eyelashes. For this treatment, Noble Lashes provides eyelashes in bulk. Our products are of the highest quality, with extraordinary durability and a life-like appearance. We provide three types of bulk eyelashes: synthetic eyelashes, coloured eyelashes, and practice lashes. You can browse through our assortment and pick the eyelashes of your type of preference. In addition to the eyelash types, we provide false eyelashes of different lengths, ranging from 6 to 15 millimetres. The thickness of our eyelashes can be also customized, ranging from 0,10 up to 0,25 millimetres. Different models also aim for a different look, with some of them being curlier, to provide a more glamorous look, while some aim for a straight, natural result.

Composition of our eyelashes

When it comes to the raw materials that we used to make our lashes in bulk, we only work with the highest quality silk protein, gathered from 100% natural sources, with the addition of synthetic fibre to make it more resilient. The composition of our false eyelashes makes them safe and healthy to use with your natural ones, as they stay durable while remaining as light as a feather, putting almost no additional weight on your eyelashes. After use, you don’t have to worry about any damage to your natural eyelashes, as they remain untouched. Moreover, all of our eyelashes go through a rigorous testing process, to make sure a product of perfect quality is delivered to you. To make the process of buying and storing the eyelashes more efficiently, packagings of 0,30g and 1g can be ordered from our store, available in multiple shapes.

What are the coloured eyelashes?

If you want a unique look that every other woman will envy you, coloured eyelashes may be just what you're looking for. As you buy lashes in bulk from our store, you will be able to choose from a whole pallet of various colours, ranging from cold blues to hot pinks. These colourful eyelashes will add a sparkle to your daily makeup routine, allowing you to express yourself even more with the addition of all the colours of a rainbow. How you decide to arrange these eyelashes is entirely up to you, allowing you to let your imagination run wild. Coloured eyelashes are one of the most popular makeup trends right now, as models and celebrities add fascinating shades to their faces, in places where before only black dominated.

How many types of colored eyelashes are there?

At Noble Lashes, you will mostly find three categories of coloured eyelashes, including natural-looking eyelashes, as well as more brave, curly ones. You will also be able to fully customize the colour of your eyelashes, as we give you a whole of them to choose from. To best fit the coloured eyelashes to your face, we recommend consulting with a stylist, as there are several important factors to consider when picking the colour of false lashes, including the colour of your eyes.

How useful are the practice lashes?

If you’re a beginner in the art of eyelash extensions, practice lashes will prove to be the perfect solution for your knowledge to be able to grow. These lashes can be safely used to practice your skills, as every stylist needs to expand what they know in order to get better and better. The practice lashes do not require a professional setup, which means they can be used even at your own house. You don't need a fancy salon to start practising, making the art of eyelash extensions available to anyone.

What are the types of practice lashes?

For clients who need to buy eyelashes in bulk, Noble Lashes provides a variety of types of practice eyelashes to choose from, ranging in packaging sizes and lengths. There are also two different types of application methods available between our products, including an easier one for beginners, who are just starting working as a stylist. Always make sure to keep some practice eyelashes at hand, as they are not only perfect to train your craft with, but also to create displays for customers to see.

Why wear false eyelashes?

There is a range of applications that false eyelashes can be used in. The simplest reason to use them is that they are visually attractive, making the women who use them more confident. However, some people also use false eyelashes because of medical issues, including loss of natural eyelashes. For those struggling with such health problems, false eyelashes may be the solution to anxiety, related to sudden hair loss. When it comes to simply making our faces prettier, false eyelashes make our eyes more dramatic, defining them and highlighting their natural beauty. Sometimes our lashes are just too thin or too short, and false lashes allow us to fill those gaps. They draw attention to your eyes without being too invasive, as is the case with mascara, which is messy and some people are allergic to it.

How long does it take to apply false eyelashes?

If you're skilful with applying false eyelashes, the whole process will take you only a couple of minutes. Forget about hours of applying makeup for everyday occasions, as false eyelashes will give you a sophisticated look in a fraction of that time. Lashes not only bring attention to your eyes but also draw attention from the areas you might not want people to notice – for example a scar. They also make you look younger, as full and long lashes are one of the most noticeable signs of youthfulness.

What is Noble Lashes?

Noble Lashes is a professional supplier of eyelash accessories and appliances, providing products of high quality, perfect both for professional beauty parlours and amateur stylists. The eyelashes we provide come in all shapes and sizes, giving you plenty to choose from. We also provide eyelash applying necessities, such as some of the best quality eyelash glues, that make the whole process much more comfortable and quicker. We also provide a range of other makeup products, including primers, removers, accessories, eyelash extension lamps, skincare products, and even handy makeup containers, which will allow you to carefully organize your collection, even if you don't have a professional salon or a dedicated vanity.

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