How to choose eyelash supplies?

How to choose eyelash supplies?

25th Jun 2021

Whether you are just a beginner or an expert in eyelash extension and care, you need to collect an entire range of eyelash extension supplies. They include not only different types of lashes and a bottle of glue, but also some other cosmetics and tools that will make the extension process simpler and smoother. Learn what products are needed to properly prepare and extend eyelashes!

Need for varied eyelash supplies

Each professional beauty salon that offers eyelash extensions should be properly equipped. The more varied the available eyelashes are, the bigger the chance of gaining new customers. In today’s reality there is no single extension method that is chosen by everyone. Every client has her own preferences and requirements. That is why the lash artist should always be open-minded and able to provide clients with the effects they want – and every client has her own needs. Only a varied range of eyelash extension supplies containing different tools, cosmetics and eyelash trays can solve the problem.

Artificial eyelashes and other tools and supplies

What exactly do you need to succeed and become a professional beautician specialising in eyelash extensions? Check out our list of basic eyelash extension supplies:

  • different kinds of eyelashes,
  • special glue,
  • primer,
  • cleanser,
  • tweezers,
  • applicators,
  • eyelash brushes,
  • face masks.

To facilitate work, you can equip your salon with special lamps intended for professional use. What is more, don’t forget about disinfectants and protective equipment! To make your choice easier, opt for one of the complete starter kits for eyelash extension.

Choosing the best eyelashes

If you are just about to begin your adventure with eyelash extensions, you need to carefully select the supplies that you will use. Firstly, focus on what is the most important – eyelashes! Unfortunately, all-purpose extensions don't exist. The choice of lashes may be determined by the occasion, age, condition of the natural lashes and preferences, e.g. younger clients tend to wear more noticeable lashes. A good beautician should always be ready to use lashes of different sizes that are made of different materials, e.g. synthetic, silk and mink eyelashes. The extensions are usually sold in convenient trays that contain lashes of different sizes, so you can easily combine them to achieve the desired results.

Fixing the extensions

Once you have chosen some extensions trays, you need to select tools that will be helpful in fixing the extensions. To do so correctly you will need to have a powerful eyelash extension adhesive. The glue is applied close to the eyes so it should not cause allergies and irritations. It is very important to choose products that are safe to use and provided by reliable brands. What is more, the eyelashes should be long-lasting so your client can enjoy them for as long as possible. With high quality, durable glue, the possibility that your client will return to you is much higher!

How can I prolong the extension effect?

When a client goes to a beauty salon to extend lashes, she usually wants to enjoy the effects for at least a few weeks. However, with poor quality products the extensions may look good only for several days. To prolong the extension effect, you will need to have high quality lashes and strong irritation-free glue. You can also benefit from a so-called primer. This is a substance that you apply on the skin just before the adhesive. Its role is to make the grip stronger. To extend the results even more, use it together with a special cleanser that allows it to settle better.

Eyelash extension application supplies

The mechanical tools play a crucial role in eyelash extension. Using them you can put the extensions close to the natural lashes and make them look natural and full. One of the most important tools that you can use to apply lashes are tweezers. While choosing the best tweezers focus on special tweezers for eyelash extension. While buying them put on special curved tweezers that make operating the near eyelid comfortable and precise. You will also need a mascara wand that is used to brush your clients’ eyelashes before and during the extension process. Don’t forget about some additional eyelash extension supplies that you will need, such as special glue applicators and facemasks that you should always wear while applying extensions.

Buying a starter kit

If you don’t want to waste time on choosing the best eyelash extension supplies, choose one of the special starter kits. Each of them includes all the tools, accessories and products that you need to apply eyelash extensions. This means that you don’t need anything more to get the job done! There are several kits to choose from, depending on your needs, e.g. you can opt for a 1:1 Stater Kit or Volume Starter Kit. You can also buy a training kit that includes a training head. You can use it to practise applying extensions. It is the best way to acquire the proper technique of eyelash application and gain confidence while working with clients.