Polish Premium quality products

Polish Premium quality products

Posted by Noble Lashes on 25th Jun 2021

Polish Premium quality products from Noble Lashes

Here at Noble Lashes, you can browse through our collection of professional equipment and supplies, designed and manufactured for stylists, aestheticians, and beauty technicians. Our products are developed for professional use, providing you with the proper tools to give your clients exactly what they desire. Many of our products are fully manufactured by us locally, including all of the products from the Polish Premium Quality line.

Try our products manufactured locally in Poland

All of the products in the Polish Premium Quality line have been designed and created from scratch in Poland in cooperation with many smaller Polish contractors, who have been hit especially hard by the current situation on the market. We want to do everything we can to support local companies, which are one of the last lines of defense against massive international corporations, trying to flood the market with mass-produced, low-quality products.

We want the products that are delivered to you to be of the best quality possible, providing gorgeous results to your clients and making your work more enjoyable and easier. Even though local production requires more expenses and effort on our part, we want to further develop our locally-produced line of products, creating professional supplies and cosmetics made from natural ingredients and featuring unique formulas. All of the Polish Premium Quality line products have been thoroughly tested dermatologically and are fully safe to use. We make sure to implement rigorous testing protocols to ensure all of our Polish Premium Quality products are of the highest quality.

What can I find in the Polish Premium Quality line?

The Polish Premium Quality line has been designed to feature only our most luxurious products, featuring natural ingredients and premium formulas that will result in the most glamorous effects on your clients. One of the main products from our Polish Premium Quality line are BIO line cosmetics, including lash and brow cleaners, as well as a face cleansing micellar water with aloe extract and a face cleansing foam with jasmine extract.

The cleaners are a perfect solution for client preparation before any kind of cosmetic treatment. Before you start working with your client, you should always thoroughly cleanse the area you’re going to work with. For example, if you’re going to provide your client with eyelash extensions, you should not only make sure to cleanse the eyelashes of any flaked epidermis and grime, but also gently wash the face and remove any makeup.

Thorough eyelash cleansing with BIO Lash Cleaner with Rosemary

If you’re looking for the perfect product to use before eyelash treatments, Bio Lash Cleaner with Rosemary can be a perfect choice. Found in our Polish Premium Quality line, the Bio Lash Cleaner features 99% of natural ingredients, including Rosmarinus Officinalis extract, which supplements the eyelashes with important nutritional value that helps the lashes grow healthy and strong. The rosemary extract also has benefits on the skin and features an antibacterial effect.

All of our BIO products feature over 90% of natural ingredients, making them safe to use for people with easily irritable skin. The BIO Lash Cleaner with Rosemary features 99% of natural ingredients and will effectively degrease and deeply cleanse your clients’ eyelashes before any treatment. An eyelash cleaner is a very important tool in a stylist’s arsenal, as it removes flaked epidermis and oily substances, such as sebum, from the surface of the eyelashes. Without proper cleansing, the effects of eyelash treatments might be much worse and the treatment might be dangerous for your client’s health.

Professional products for stylists and aestheticians from Noble Lashes

At Noble Lashes, you can find a wide variety of professional equipment and supplies for stylists and aestheticians, including everything you might need to provide your clients with gorgeous eyelash or eyebrow treatments. Our most popular products are our trademark eyelash extensions, manufactured from the highest-quality synthetic materials. Our lashes are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes, and none of them make use of animal products. Instead of exploiting animals for their fur, we have chosen to develop a superior synthetic material that perfectly mimics real animal fur, offering superior softness and a very light structure.

In our store, you will also find a range of other products dedicated to eyelash extension treatments, including various eyelash adhesives, cleansers, primers, and removers. These are some of the most basic substances every stylist who works with eyelashes should have at hand. We also offer a variety of tools, including tweezers and applicators, as well as after-care products you can recommend to your clients to properly maintain the effects of their treatments. In addition, Noble Lashes also offers professional salon equipment, various accessories, lifting and lamination supplies, microblading tools, eyebrow and eyelash tinting products, and many more high-quality cosmetics!