All You Need To Know About Eyelashes Extensions

All You Need To Know About Eyelashes Extensions

Posted by Noble Lashes on 23rd Jul 2021

Eyelash extensions are the secret to making your look POP! Whether you go au naturel or bold and beautiful, they are customisable to your style. Put simply, they are your lashes but better!

They have become increasingly popular in recent years as our lifestyles have become even busier. With the average eyelash extension treatment taking 90 minutes, it is a no-brainer that most of us would want to spend so little time to achieve a long-lasting look. If you are fed up with applying the latest must-have mascara just to have it resembling spider legs—not to mention the accompanying panda eyes—eyelash extensions could be your new best friend.

Always make sure your eyelash extensions are high quality by visiting a professional salon. Going to a trained beautician for treatment not only ensures a gorgeous look but also gives you peace of mind that the materials used are safe.

A Look Worth the Investment

In such a hectic world, it can be hard to grab five minutes to yourself. So you will be pleased to know that not only does eyelash extension treatment provide you with stunning fluttery peepers, but it also doubles up as luxurious me-time. Book yourself an appointment and you can lie back and bask in some relaxing music as your technician works their magic.

During this treatment, semi-permanent fibres are glued to your natural lashes to make them appear longer, thicker, and darker. As you can see from the Noble Lashes range, you can choose from many styles and colours to achieve your desired look. Everyone has their own preference for how they like their lashes to look—from length to tint to curl level—so carry out some research beforehand and let your beautician know exactly what you are after.

Endless Choice

With eyelash extensions, you can be as creative as you like. You can choose the exact specifications to achieve a look that is unique as the rest of you. First up is the length. Most salons will carry extension lengths from 9 to 15mm. 9mm is very natural, while 15mm would make Kim Kardashian jealous. Most people find a happy medium with 10-12mm. After you have decided the length, it is time to choose your curl level—either J or C. A J curl will bless you with a natural, more awake look, while a C curl is more dramatic. When it comes to eyelash extension materials, the most common include silk, mink, and synthetic such as plastic fibres or faux mink. The difference in the way this looks is often tiny, so feel free to opt for a lash type that suits your budget. The key thing to ensure is that you seek out a qualified professional to apply eyelash extensions. This will ensure they remain beautifully long and full of AM to PM.


Can you wear fake lashes on top of eyelash extensions?

In a word, no. You might be tempted if you have had your eyelash extensions for a couple of months and they are looking a little sparse, but this could be detrimental.
Wearing fake lashes on top of eyelash extensions can damage not only the extensions but your natural lashes. The extra weight will pull down on your lashes so they will be uncomfortable to wear even before the damage is visible, so it is not worth it.
If you have a big event coming up and want your lashes to look brand new again, make sure to book an appointment for infills or a new set of extensions.

Can You Wear Mascara With Eyelash Extensions?

The purpose of eyelash extensions is to make your eyes stand out even without make-up. So there is no need for mascara, and we would recommend skipping it anyway. When you try and remove mascara from lash extensions, the friction and make-up remover can damage your extensions. So forgo the panda eyes and let your falsies do all the talking!

Do Fake Eyelashes Ruin Your Real Eyelashes?

Both false eyelashes and eyelash extensions are safe for use. If extensions are applied properly by a trained professional, there is no reason for them to ruin your real eyelashes. Likewise, make sure you choose fake eyelashes of high quality with eye-safe glue, and you can look stylish while protecting your natural beauty.

How Hard Is It To Remove Eyelash Extensions?

A trained lash technician will be very adept at removing lash extensions and can ensure the process is swift and painless.
One thing to make sure you never do is pick at your eyelash extensions. If you try and remove the extensions yourself, you will end up tearing out or breaking your natural lashes. If you want to remove your eyelash extensions, make sure you visit your professional lash technician. You can also wait for them to fall off naturally or go back for refills to keep them fluffy and fabulous.

How Often Do You Need To Redo Your Lash Extensions?

As your natural eyelash hairs grow, they will push forward the extensions until the fibres shed and fall off. This tends to be around six to eight weeks after treatment, so if you are after a brand-new set, we recommend sticking to this timeframe.
Alternatively, refills are a great way of extending the life of your lash extensions. This is a process which can be carried out every two to three weeks to keep your eyelashes looking full and voluminous for longer.