Lash Lifting set SN Lift with Lash Filling conditioner. Try out our set for better effect and healthier lashes.

Lash lifting set SN Lift + Lash Filling

Eyelash lift SN Lift provides permanent eyelash lift and curl. Now with Lash Filling conditioner that prevents drying out and brittleness.

Lash Filling has a protective effect, deepens the color, and the properties of plant collagen fill the defects in the hair structure.

SBA Keratin Up is used to stick eyelashes to a silicone roller.

Perm Lotion is a preparation for permanent eyelash curl.

Setting Lotion is designed to maintain the curl effect, thanks to which the eyelashes will remain curled and nourished.

Lash Filling moisturizes, nourishes and restores the hair structure. Eyelashes become visibly stronger, which allows you to maintain a natural, healthy look.

Nourishing Lotion moisturizes and nourishes eyelashes. In addition, it plays a very important role during the treatment, thanks to which you can easily detach the eyelashes from the silicone rollers

Sn Lift + Lash Filling

Are you looking for a natural effect that will make the eyelashes look longer? Try this lifting set! 

The most fashionable treatment of this year!

Now with amazing nutritional product - Lash Filling. The comprehensive composition of active substances stimulates growth, moisturizes and strengthens the hair. 


1. Clean the skin surrounding eyes and remove the dirt by protein remover pad.

2. Use eye patch to protect lower lashes.

3. Apply a thin layer of SBA on the eyelid.

4. Closely paste Silicone on the eyelid along the root of upper lashes. If Silicone is too large, you can trim it to a suitable size to fit on the eyelid.

5. Once Silicone firmly adheres on the eyelid, apply a slight amount of SBA on the surface of Silicone, then use Y Brush to comb lashes adhering every single eyelash evenly on Silicone one after another (Be sure each lash is separated from another.)

6. Apply suitable amount of Perm Lotion to the lashes by microbrush or cotton bud. Wait for approximately 10-15 minutes (Depending on the length and thickness of lashes. Thicker lashes might need longer time.) Remove Perm Lotion carefully from the lashes and Silicone by a cotton bud or cotton puffs.

7. Apply suitable amount of Setting Lotion to lashes by microbrush. Wait for approximately 10-15 minutes (Depending on the length and thickness of lashes. Thicker lashes might need longer time.) Remove Setting Lotion carefully from lashes and silicone by a cotton bud or cotton puffs.

8. Apply Lash Fillng and leave this product on lashes for 5 minutes. 

9. Apply suitable amount of Nourishing Agent to lashes by microbrush. Wait for approximately 3-5 minutes.

10. To remove silicone from the eyelids, we recommend to use #3 Nourishing Agent It helps soften SBA and clean all the remaining solutions. Silicone can be easily removed.

11. Repeat above procedures for lower eyelashes.

12. Leave 24 hours before makeup and avoid the water or steam.


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