Sponges for lash fan training are perfect for lash stylist. Practice your fans with Noble Lashes round sponges.

Sponges for fan training 

Noble Lashes round exercise sponges are dedicated to both beginner and advanced lash stylists

They are great for light volumes as well as Mega Volume fans. Remember, the practice of creating fans is a key element in the work of eyelash stylist. 

By pasting the fans on the sponge you are able to supervise the directions and the placement and angle of the fan application. 

The shape of the sponge allows you to look closely at the created fans and eliminate any errors in the future. 

With our sponges, you will learn to create perfect fans.   

Color: White.

Dimensions: 5.5 cm x 0.7 cm.

The package contains 10 pieces.

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