Russian Volume Premium lashes are an innovation of our best-selling model, now you can find them in environmentally friendly cardboard palettes. That's not all, the improved strip formula, Clean Peel technology and much more!

Russian Volume Premium D 0.12

Russian Volume lashes in a new design, guarantee you the best quality of application and customer satisfaction.

The eyelash strip has an improved glue formula, thanks to which it is very easy to grab lashes from the strip and create beautiful fans.

Eyelashes are placed on white stripes, which further helps in creating lash fans. Each eyelash is very clearly visible.

The Russian Volume Premium tray has stripes with Clean Peel technology. It guarantees easy peeling and sticking of the strips, without leaving any glue or part of the strip.

The plastic tray has been replaced by elegant cardboard packaging that is environmentally friendly and easy to recycle.


Russian Volume Premium are dedicated to volume methodsEach lash is slightly narrowed on the base which gives us the ability to create fluffy fans in an accessible way.

Eyelashes are delicate, light and look beautiful on the eye. They work perfectly form 2D to even Mega Volume methodes.

Stripes in tray: 12

Stripes in tray MIX: 13

Color: black

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