Gold Collagen lip mask

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Colagen lip mask moisturizes and regenerates lips.

Hydrate and intensify elasticity of lips.

Reinvigorate your client’s lips with a collagen lip mask

During an eyelash extension treatment, or any cosmetic treatment for that matter, your client will usually have to lay down  for a prolonged period of time. As you work with your client’s eyelashes, why not use a collagen lip mask? It is an added bonus and make client lips healthier. The collagen lip mask is easy to use and ready-to-apply product which will enhance the experience your clients will have while getting treatment at your salon. 

The collagen lip mask can be used during any other treatment which does not involve the mouth area. 


The collagen lip mask presented by Noble Lashes contains, primarily, collagen, vitamins and minerals, along with trace amounts of gold which helps keep the skin around the mouth sensitive and firm. Colloidal gold is safe for your client’s health, and together with collagen, it slows the ageing process of the skin. Colloidal gold helps the collagen synthesize, further improving the effectiveness of the process and making your client’s skin full of vigour.

The mask is extremely easy to use. After you prepare your client for the treatment, make sure to carefully wash her lips along with the skin around it. Open the handy packaging and place the mask on the lips. After 10 to 15 minutes, remove the mask and massage the remaining gel into the lips. Regular use of the collagen mask will visibly make the skin around the lips more firm and reduce the symptoms of ageing effectively, as the collagen starts to work its wonders.

Expiration date: 29.08.2022